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Arado Ar.195


The Arado Ar 195 was prototype design intended for operations from Germany's first aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin. The aircraft was developed as a carrier-based torpedo.

The Ar 195 was based on the Ar 95 with major differences centreing mainly on a tail arrestor hook for catapult-launching. The Ar 195 featured a single BMW brand 819 horsepower radial engine, biplane wings, and crewed by a pilot and rear gunner. Landing gear was fixed and a single vertical tail surface was at the rear. Armament consisted of a single 7.92mm machine gun in a forward fixed firing position for the pilot and an additional 7.92mm machine gun in a trainable flexible rear gun mount. A single bomb or torpedo could be mounted in an underfuselage rail.

Though the Ar 195 prototype was flying by 1937 only three were built. The type was unsuccessful against the Fieseler-designed Fi 167.

Engine: BMW 132M, 850 hp
Wingspan: 12,50 m / 41.01 ft
Length: 10,50 m / 34.45 ft
Height: 3,60 m / 11.81 ft
Wingarea: 46 sq.m
Empty weight: 2380 kg / 5,247 lb
MTOW: 3745 kg / 8,256 lb
Wing loading: 81,413 kg/sq.m
Power loading: 4,4 kg/hp
Max speed: 175mph / 282kmh / 152kts
Cruise speed: 250 km
Service Ceiling: 19,685ft / 6,000m)
Range: 650 km / 404 miles
Crew: 2
1 x 7.92mm MG17 machine gun in fixed forwared firing position
1 x 7.92mm MG17 machine gun in flexible rear cockpit mount.
Hardpoints: 1



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