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Arado Ar.232


Arado Ar 232 Tausendfüssler


The Arado Ar 232 was built around a monocoque fuselage, designed for cargo-carrying capacity.

Known unofficially as the "millipede" (or "Tausendfussler") thanks to the many sets of wheels utilized in the undercarriage arrangement, the Ar 232 system saw only a limited production run with no more than 22 total examples made. To that end, the Ar 232 served in an equally-limiting capacity for Luftwaffe special operations missions and one other transportation air group.

Powered was four Bramo piston engines, two mounted on each wing, each generating 1,200 horsepower. The wings were of a high monoplane with a twin-fin tail assembly. Armament was defensive and included a nose-mounted 13mm machine gun, a 20mm cannon in a dorsal turret mounting and one or two 13mm machine guns mounted at rear.

The landing gear featured a retractable main nosewheel type gear and a secondary gear of ten pairs of smaller wheels on shorter legs situated under the fuselage. The smaller wheels were normally off the ground but took the weight of the aircraft during loading and unloading when the main undercarriage legs were reduced in length to facilitate cargo handling.

The first prototype Ar.232 flew in 1941 powered by two 1,192kW BMW 801MA radial engines.

The Ar 232 series included "A" and "B models. The difference was in the choice and number of powerplants. Aircraft were built as Ar.232As or B-0s and Ar.232Bs, most of which were powered by four 894kW BMW Bramo 323R-2 radials and carried a crew of four and about 4,500kg of cargo (including vehicles).

Ar.232s, including the prototypes, served with the Luftwaffe from 1942 until 1944.



Engines: 4 x BMW 801MA radial, 1193kW
Take-off weight: 21135 kg / 46595 lb
Empty weight: 12802 kg / 28224 lb
Wingspan: 33.50 m / 109 ft 11 in
Length: 23.52 m / 77 ft 2 in
Height: 5.69 m / 18 ft 8 in
Wing area: 142.60 sq.m / 1534.93 sq ft
Ceiling: 8000 m / 26250 ft
Range: 1060 km / 659 miles

Engine: 4 x BMW Bramo 323 R-2 Fafnir, 986 hp
Wingspan: 109.908 ft / 33.5 m
Length: 77.1 ft / 23.5 m
Height: 18.701 ft / 5.7 m
Max take off weight: 46657.8 lb / 21160.0 kg
Weight empty: 22667.4 lb / 10280.0 kg
Max. speed: 183 kt / 338 km/h
Service ceiling: 26247 ft / 8000 m
Range: 702 nm / 1300 km
Armament: 3x MG 131 13mm, 1x MG 151 20mm

Arado Ar 232 Tausendfussler (Millipede)
Engines: 4 x Bramo 232-R Fafnir radial, 1,200hp each.
Length: 77.17ft (23.52m)
Wingspan: 109.91ft (33.50m)
Height: 18.70ft (5.70m)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 46,650lbs (21,160kg)
Maximum Speed: 211mph (340kmh; 184kts)
Maximum Range: 830miles (1,335km)
Service Ceiling: 22,638ft (6,900m)
1 x 20mm cannon (in dorsal turret)
1 x 13mm machine gun (nose-mounted)
1 or 2 x 13mm machine gun(s) (rear position mount)
Crew: 4




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