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Tipsy BC / Belfast / Belfair


Pre-war products at Gosselies were single-seat S2 and two-seat B or B-2 (open cockpits) and BC (enclosed cabin). B-2 revived post-war as Tipsy Trainer, and BC as Belfair (from Belgian Fairey).

The Tipsy Belfair was derived from the Tipsy B by adding a raised rear fuselage and an enclosed cockpit, and first flew as such in 1939. Production was prevented by the war, but seven were built in the 1940s, three of which were assembled in Yorkshire.


Yorkshire built Belfair, at Seething December 2005



Tipsy Belfair

Engine: 62hp Walter Mikron
Wing span: 31 ft 2 in
Length: 21 ft 8 in
Gross weight: 1200 lb
Cruising speed: 100 mph
Range: 300 miles






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