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Auster Aeroplanes A.109 Airedale / A.111 

Beagle A.109 Airedale





The four-seat Beagle-Auster A109 Airedale prototype made its first flight on 16 April 1961 and was followed by eight pre-production models. The first production model flew on 24 February 1962.
The Airedale followed the same production methods as the Auster series, even to the extent of using some of the existing Auster jigs and tooling as a cost-saving measure. The fuselage was constructed using welded steel tube covered with fibreglass and light alloy at the front, the rear being covered in fabric. The wing construction was also all-metal, consisting of two main spars and a metal leading edge. Apart from fibreglass wingtips, the main covering of the wig was fabric.
Lycoming Airedale
One area that differed from the Austers was the use of an American engine, the 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A, although the 175 hp Continental GO-300 was also offered as an option.
The A111 Airedale, introduced in 1963, was essentially the same as the A109 except that 120 lb had been cut from the weight of the aircraft.
Production of the Airedale ended after only 43 aircraft had been built, and 3 of the 43 were never sold, unable to compete with aircraft such as the Cessna 172.
All production work on Auster designs finally ceased in 1967 when Beagle sold all rights to Hants and Sussex Aviation.
Engine: Lycoming O-360-A1A, 180 hp
Wingspan: 36 ft 4 in / 11.07 m
Length: 26 ft 4 in / 8.02 m
Cabin length: 6 ft 9 in / 2.06 m
Cabin max width: 3 ft 4 in / 1.02 m
Cabin max height: 3 ft 9 in / 1.14 m
Baggage compartment: 5 cu.ft / 0.14 cu.m
Empty weight: 1700 lb / 771 kg
MTOW: 2750 lb / 1247 kg
Max cruise 6000 ft / 1830 m: 116 kt / 133 mph / 214 kph
Max ROC SL: 650 fpm / 198 m/min
Service ceiling: 12,000 ft / 3660 m
Max range 660lb/300kg payload, 50 Imp.G/227 lt, no res: 720 nm / 830 mi / 1337 km
Seats: 4
Under carriage: nose wheel.


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