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Auster AOP 11

Beagle E-3 / A.115 / Mark Eleven



The Auster AOP.11 three-seat AOP machine with a 260 hp Continental IO-470-D 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine raised the maximum speed to 142 mph (228 km/h) and the empty weight to 1,806 lb (816 kg). Apart from the engine, the AOP.11 was almost identical to the AOP.9. Early in its career the undercarriage had spats, though these were later removed.
Only one, a converted AOP.9 was produced, making its first flight on 18 August 1961 with serial XP254. The Auster AOP.11 was exhibited at the Farnborough Air Show in September 1961. A year later it was registered to Beagle aircraft, that had taken over Auster in 1960, as G-ASCC where it was known as the Beagle Mk 11, the E.3, A.115 or as the "Mark Eleven". It was sold into private hands in 1971. 
 beagle aop
AOP. 11
The sole Beagle E3/Auster AOP.11 G-ASCC was flying until an accident in 2007.


Engine: 1 x RR/Cont. IO-470D, 190kW
Take-off weight: 1160 kg / 2557 lb
Empty weight: 750 kg / 1653 lb
Wingspan: 11.1 m / 36 ft 5 in
Length: 7.2 m / 23 ft 7 in
Height: 2.7 m / 8 ft 10 in
Wing area: 18.4 sq.m / 198.06 sq.ft
Max. speed: 240 km/h / 149 mph
Cruise speed: 234 km/h / 145 mph
Ceiling: 6100 m / 20000 ft
Crew: 3






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