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Avions de Transport Regional ATR72


The ATR72, a stretched  development of the ATR42 (the fuselage had grown by 4.5 metres to provide space for up to 74 seats), was launched in January 1986 and first flew on 27 October 1988. Significant changes from the ATR-42 (apart from the fuselage stretch) include Pratt and Whitney Canada PW 124-B turbo props with roughly 20 percent more power than the PW 120 of the ATR-42, wingspan extended by 2.48 metres (although the whole of the wing outboard of the nacelles has been simplified and improved), and greater use of composites.

French certification was achieved in September 1989, by which time five aircraft were flying. The first customer delivery, to KarAir in Finland, was made exactly a year after the first flight.

By May 1995,152 ATR-72’s had been firmly ordered or delivered. Construction of the ATR-42 and ATR-72 is on a common assembly line at Toulouse. The ATR72 fuselage and tail is manufactured in Italy, the wings, undercarriage and engine cowlings in France, the engines in Canada, and propellors in the USA.

The ATR72-212A designation being a marketing ploy and rating commonality of Mount Cook Airline for the ATR72-500. The 212A model being certified on 14 January 1997.


Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 124/2 turboprops , 2,400 shp (1 790 kW).
Wing span: 88 ft 9 in (27,05m).

Engine: 2 x PWC  PW123/PW126

Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127, 2475 shp.
Seats: 66.


Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127F, 2750 shp.
Props: 6 blade Hamilton Standard/Ratier-Figeac 568F composite.
Length: 27.166 m.
Wing span: 88 ft 9 in (27,05m).
Height: 7.65 m.
MTOW: 22,500 kg (49,603 lbs).
MLW: 22,350 kg (49,273 lbs).
Max zero fuel wt: 20,300 kg (44,753 lbs).
Max payload: 7450 kg (16,424 lbs).
Seats: 66. Range: 942 nm.
TO field length: 1290m (4232 ft).
Ldg field length: 1067 m (3500 ft).
Max cruise: 278 kts.
Operating ceiling: 25,000 ft.


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