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Aermacchi M-39


Macchi M.39


In 1922 Mario Castoldi moved to Macchi Aeronautica, where he became famous for designing a series of seaplanes that set world speed records. His first winning plane was the Macchi M.39 seaplane. It was designed in 1925-26 to compete in the Schneider Trophy race of 1926. Powered (like all the Macchi planes from this time) by a Fiat engine it managed a top speed of 396 km/h (246 mph) and won the contest for that year.


Italian Mario de Bernardi won the 1926 Schneider Race with a Macchi M-39.


Macchi M.39
The Schneider Trophy never experienced any casualties during competition, but several pilots were killed training for the races. Italy had five casualties: Vittorio Centurione in 1926 in a Macchi M-39; Giuseppe Motta in 1929 in a Macchi M-67; Tomasso Dal Molin in 1930 in a Savoia S.65; Giovani Monti and Stanislao Bellini in 1931 in a Macchi MC-72.
Macchi M.39








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