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Avro 523 Pike


The Pike three-seat twin-engined biplane was designed primarily to meet an Admiralty requirement for a long-range escort and anti-airship fighter. Of wooden construction with fabric skinning, the first prototype Pike had two 150hp Sunbeam eight-cylinder liquid-cooled engines mounted as pushers driving two-bladed propellers via extension shafts and was flown for the first time in May 1916.

The pilot was seated just ahead of the mainplanes with gunners' cockpits, each with a free-mounted 7.7mm Lewis, fore and aft. A second Pike, the Avro 523A, differed by having two 150hp Green six-cylinder liquid-cooled engines driving tractor propellers and a Scarff-type ring mounting for the forward Lewis gun. No production of the Pike was ordered following completion of official trials.

Avro 523

Engine: 2 x 160hp Sunbeam Nubian
Take-off weight: 2751 kg / 6065 lb
Empty weight: 1814 kg / 3999 lb
Wingspan: 18.29 m / 60 ft 0 in
Length: 11.91 m / 39 ft 1 in
Height: 3.55 m / 12 ft 8 in
Wing area: 75.71 sq.m / 814.93 sq ft
Max. speed: 156 km/h / 97 mph

Avro 523 A
Engines: 150hp Green six-cylinder liquid-cooled
Wingspan: 18.29 m / 60 ft 0 in
Height: 3.55 m / 12 ft 8 in
Wing area: 75.71 sq.m / 814.93 sq ft




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