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Badcock Kitty Fox


Keith Bennett of Devonport, Tasmania, Australia, asked Owen Badcock about designing him a plane. Owen Badcock proceeded to draw up some plans and then built a one-quarter scale radio-controlled model complete with folding wings. This performed completely as planned with no need for modifications. Keith started building in June 1992.

All stress-bearing metal parts are chrome molydenum steel tube which after welding (T.I.G.) has been sand blasted, oil filled, primed and then painted with two-pack white. The wing ribs are Epi glued Canadian Spruce with 6m l2ply noses and tails. All moving parts are nylon bushed. An early problem with tail-wheel shimmy was solved by Keith who turned up a wheel from solid aluminium to fit a standard ball-bearing. A solid rubber tyre was vertical stabilizer and the leading edges of the wings snug up to rubber blocks on the roof and sides of the trailer as the plane settles ‘home’ upon loading. Starting of the 503 DCDI engine is facilitated by use of a G.A. type fuel primer. The wheel brakes are operated by twin levers conveniently situated forward of the throttle lever on the left side of the cockpit. This makes for very easy taxing. For parking a spring loaded lever can be rotated to hold both levers on. This unlocks automatically when the brake levers are activated.

Wing folding is affected by first half withdrawing a pin on the leading-edge spar at the root of each wing. This unlocks a safety-pin which is moved ‘on’ by the last part of the pins travel when it presses down on a nylon wedge on the forward end of a rod. The aft end of the rod carries the safety pin which prevents the spring loaded flaperon disengaging mechanism separating in flight in the event of spring failure. The flaperon as are then disengaged for wing folding and held up by a small piece of shock-cord which retracts into the wing when not in use. The leading edge spar pin can then be lifted right out and the wings swing back and locked on to the tail. The whole operation takes two minutes.


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