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The Bakeng Deuce is a two-place parasol design utilizing a steel tube fuselage. The structure is faired with plywood and aluminum formers which support spruce stingers. Wings are of basic wooden construction with solid spruce spars.

First flown in 1970, this homebuilt received the ‘Outstanding New Design” and “Design improvement’ awards from the EAA in 1971. The V-strut braced wing utilizes both metal and spruce construction and is covered with fabric. The fuselage is also fabric-covered but is built from steel tubes. The landing gear is the conventional tailwheel type, and the two seats are arranged in tandem fashion. Bakeng has also designed a biplane version of the Duce, called the Double Duce. Both horizontally opposed and radial engines can be used, from 85-150 hp.

Baking Deuce Airplane Factory purchased the rights to the Bakeng Duce in March of 1999. The name was changed to "Deuce" to separate those aircraft built before and after. The new Deuce incorporates the design of the old Duce with improvements based on analyzing the aircraft and listening to builders who have built and flown them for the past thirty years.

Design Improvements are changes only to enhance integrity, reliability, ease of construction or function. These changes include:
Beef up fuselage behind the landing gear legs.
Complete redesign and relocation of the rudder pedals, cables and toe brakes.
Complete redesign of the elevator control (pushrods instead of pulleys).
Completely new lift strut attachments (individual, like old Pipers).
Different tail mount structure
New attachments for turtle deck
Entirely new rudder design and mount (now removable).
New method of attaching cross wire bracing in front of front cockpit.
Removal of all elevator pulleys and cables.
Larger fuel tanks
Comfortable, factory-built bucket seats
CAD drawings of the original plans have been completed.




Engine: 125-hp Lycoming.
Gross Wt: 1450 lb
Empty Wt: 985 lb.
Fuel capacity: 28 USG.
Wingspan: 30’4”.
Length: 21’9”.
Height: 7 ft.
Wing area: 138 sq.ft.
Top speed: 140 mph.
Cruise: 115 mph.
Stall: 52 mph.
Climb rate: 1500 fpm.
Ceiling: 17,000 ft.
Takeoff run: 150 ft.
Landing roll: 150 ft.
Range: 350sm.
Seats: 2.

Engine: Lycoming O-235, 115 hp.
Length: 20 ft 9 in.
Wing span: 30 ft 4 in.
Empty wt: 898 lbs.
TO dist: 100 ft.
ROC: 1500 fpm.
Cruise: 104 kts.
Stall: 33 kts.

Baking Duece Airplane Factory Bakeng Duece
Engine: Lycoming, 150 HP
Prop: wooden Sensenich (W74EM-56)
Cruise: 110 MPH
Top: 140 MPH
Stall: 51 MPH
Glide Ratio: 10 : 1
Climb: 1000 ft/min
T/O Distance: 400 ft
Empty Wt: 1050 lbs
Gross Wt.: 1650 lbs
Fuel: 34 USG.
Engines: 125 - 160HP
Span: 30'4"
Wing area: 136.35 sq.ft
Wing loading: 10.6 lb.sq,ft
Aspect ration: 6.73-1
Aileron area: 13.2 sq.ft
Flap area: 13.2 sq.ft
Length: 20'9"
Height: 7'0"
Cockpit Width: 25"
Airfoil: Clark Y
Ceiling: 12,000'
Dihedral: 1 degs
Washout: 1 degs
Angle of incidence: 1 degs


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