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A development of the Cruisemaster, the Viking wing is made of Sitka spruce and mahogany, crafted in a separate wing plant. The fuselage is welded steel tubing covered with Dacron. It is all as durable as aluminum, and Bellanca feels that this unique method of construction is one of their major assets.


Bellanca 260
The Bellanca 260 was introduced in 1964 and produced through 1967. Built of wood and fabric, only 105 were built before production switched entirely to the Viking 300.

In 1967, a 300-hp Continental IO-520-D installation transformed the Bellanca Model 14 design into a Viking. Somewhere along the way, Vikings become Models 17-30A, but the overall aerodynamic design is true to the genius of Giuseppe Bellanca.


Viking 300

There are three 300-hp engine options for the Viking: a Continental IO-520-K, a Lycoming IO-540-K1E5 and the Ra-jay-turbocharged version of the Lycoming. The Viking is 3,325 pounds at gross, with an empty weight of 2,225 pounds. When a Viking is topped with 450 pounds of fuel, 75 pounds of options and 340 pounds of people, it's easy to see how most of the 1,100-pound useful load can quickly disappear. The baggage compartment capaci-ty is billed as 186 pounds, although it looks too small for what that weight of luggage would amount to. There is also a tube-like container running back from the baggage area toward the tail that is designed to hold 20 pounds of long equipment, such as skis or fishing poles.

Developed from the Model 14-19 Cruisemaster, with single sweptback fin and rudder replacing original tail unit.
Improved version of 260B with 260hp Continental IO-470-F
Standard Viking 300
Airframe as 260C with 300 hp Continental IO-520-D or 300 hp Lycoming IO-540.
Super Viking 300
As Continental-engined Standard 300 but increased fuel and more luxurious appointments.
Super Viking 300
As Lycoming-engined Standard 300 but increased fuel and more luxurious appointments.
Standard Turbo Viking 300 / Turbo Viking
As Standard Viking but 310 hp Lycoming TIO-540 turbocharged engine.


Bellanca 14-19-3 Cruisemaster

Super Viking Model 17-30A

Engine: Continental IO-520-D.
TBO: 1,500 hrs.
Propeller: McCauley two- or three-blade.
Length: 26 ft. 4 in.
Height: 7 ft. 4 in.
Wingspan: 34 ft. 2 in.
Airfoil: Bellanca B.
Aspect ratio: 7.2.
Wing area: 161.5 sq. ft.
Wing loading: 20.59 lb/sq.ft.
Seats: 4.
Empty wt: 2,303 lbs.
Useful load: 1,022 lbs.
Payload with full fuel: 572 lbs.
Gross weight: 3,325 lbs.
Power loading: 11.8 lb/hp.
Fuel capacity (standard): 60 USG/360 lb lbs.
Fuel capacity (option): 75 USG/450 lb.
Baggage capacity: 186 lbs.
Baggage area: 12.08 cu. ft.
Minimum runway requirement: 1,420 ft.
Rate of climb: 1,085 fpm.
Service ceiling: 17,000 ft.
Maximum speed: 191 mph/166 knots.
Cruise, 75% power @ 7,500 ft: 187 mph/162 knots.
Economy cruise, 65% power 9,000 ft: 160 mph/139 knots.
Range @ max cruise (45-min res): 593 sm/516 nm.
Range @ economy cruise (45-min res): 715 sm/622 nm.
Duration @ max cruise (no res): 3.9 hrs.
Stall speed (clean): 74 mph/64 knots.
Stall speed (gear, flaps down): 70 mph/61 knots

Super Viking 17-31A
Engine: Lycoming IO-540-K1 E5, 300 hp.
TBO: 1,800 hrs.
Prop: Hartzell, 3-blade, constant-speed, 80-inch dia.
Length: 26 ft. 4 in.
Height: 7 ft. 4 in.
Wingspan: 34 ft. 2 in.
Aspect ratio: 7.2.
Wing area: 161.5 sq.ft.
Airfoil: Bellanca B.
Wing loading: 20.6 lb/sq.ft.
Power loading: 11.1 lb/hp.
Seats: 4.
Empty wt: 2,303 lbs.
Useful load: 1,033 lbs.
Payload with full fuel: 583 lbs.
Gross weight: 3,325 lb.
Fuel capacity (standard): 60 USG/360 lb lbs.
Fuel capacity (option): 75 USG/450 lb.
Max rate of climb: 1,170 fpm.
Service ceiling: 18,200 ft.
Max speed: 196 kts.
Max cruise, 75 % power (2,400 rpm) at 15,000 ft: 165 kts.
Econ cruise, 55 % power at 15,000 ft: 150 kts.
Duration at max cruise: 4.8 hrs.
Duration at econ cruise: 6 hrs
Stalling speed, clean: 69 kts.
Stall speed, full flap: 61 kt.
Baggage capacity: 186 lbs.
Baggage area: 12.08 cu. ft.
Minimum runway requirement: 1,420 ft.

Bellanca Turbo Viking 17-31ATC

Engine: 1 x Lycoming IO-540-K1E5, 300 hp.
Seats: 4.
Wing loading: 20.6 lb/sq.ft.
Pwr loading: 11.08 lb/hp.
Gross wt: 3325 lb.
Empty wt: 2372 lb.
Equipped useful load: 886 lb.
Payload max fuel: 436 lb.
Range max fuel/75% pwr: 799 nm/4 hr.
Range max fuel / 55% pwr: 814 nm/ 5.7 hr.
Service ceiling: 24,000 ft.
75% cruise: 193 kt.
55% cruise: 144 kt.
Stall: 56-63 kt.
1.3 Vso: 73 kt.
ROC: 1170 fpm.
Min field length: 1420 ft.
Fuel cap: 360/450 lb.
Undercarriage: retractable.

Viking 300A

Engine: Continental IO-520K, 300 hp
TBO: 2000 hr
Fuel type: 100/100LL
Propeller: Hartzell CS
Wingspan: 34 ft. 2 in.
Overall length: 25 ft. 4 in.
Height: 7 ft. 4 in.
Wing area: 161.6 sq. ft
Wing loading: 20.6 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 11.1 lbs./hp
Wheel base: 6 ft. 8 in.
Wheel track: 9 ft.
Wheel size: 6.00 x 6 in
Max ramp weight: 3325lb
Gross weight: 3325 lb
Landing weight: 3325lb
Empty weight, std: 2185lb
Useful load, std: 1140 lb
Payload, full std. fuel: 690 lb
Usable fuel, std: US 75 gals
Equipped payload (750 miles fuel, 75 % power): 867 lb.
Cruise speed (75% power): 186mph.
Maximum range (75% power): 910mi.
Stall speed (Vso): 72mph.
Cabin width (elbow to elbow): 40.5in.
Landing gear type: Tri/Retr.
Seating capacity: 4
Cabin doors: 1
Cabin width: 41 in
Cabin height: 45 in
Baggage capacity: 186 lb
Cruise speed 75% power: 174kt
Vs: 66 kt
Vso: 61 kt
Best rate of climb (SL): 1210 fpm
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft
Takeoff ground roll: 980 ft
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle: 1200 ft
Landing ground roll: 835 ft
Landing over 50-ft. obstacle: 1500 ft

Turbo Viking 300
Engine: Continental IO-520-D or Lycoming IO-540, 300 hp at 2700 rpm.
Gross Weight; 3325 lbs.
Std Empty Wt; 2372 lbs.
Useful Load; 953 lbs.
Wing Area; 161.5 sq.ft.
Wing Span; 34.2 ft.
Length; 26.3 ft.
Height; 7.3 ft.
Power Loading; 11.8 lbs/hp.
Wing Loading; 20.6 lbs/sq.ft.
Fuel Capacity; 75 US Gal.
Wheelbase; 7.3 ft.
Wheel Tread; 9.0 ft.
Top Speed; 200 kts.
Optimum Cruise, 75% power, best power; 193 kts.
Stall Speed, full flaps 40 deg; 57 kts.
Take-off Run (23 deg flaps); 980 ft.
Take-off 50 ft; 1420 ft.
Landing Roll; 835 ft.
Landing Roll 50 ft; 1340 ft.
Best Rate of Climb; 94 kts.
Rate of Climb; 1170 fpm.
Service ceiling; 24,000 ft.
Fuel Consumption, 75% power, best econ; 15.7 US gph
Range 75% - 1080 sm (894 nm)
Range 65% - 1130 sm
Range 55% - 1110 sm


Viking 300





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