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Bellanca Aries T-250

Anderson & Greenwood AG-51




Ben Anderson, Marvin Greenwood and their associates conceived a sophisticated airplane, and in 1971, the preliminary design of the four‑place AG‑51 was completed.
One AG-51 prototype was built in 1973, N51AG c/n 0001, later redesignated as the first Bellanca T-250 Aries It received Approved Type Certificate A11SW. That aircraft (which the FAA claims was built in 1976) was apparently re-registered as N251AG. The design won full FAA certification on July 8, 1976.
Two more examples built as Bellanca T-250 Aries types, under the same Approved Type Certificate. C/n 0003-80 is N250DJ and c/n 0004-80 is N77CT.

C/n 0002 has never been mentioned and c/ns 0005 to 0007 were reserved but not built.

Anderson, Greenwood's AG-51 may be transformed into the Bellanca Aries T-250 at the stroke of a pen. The two companies had reached an agreement in principle, subject to negotiations as well as other conditions including outside financing. Under the agreement, Bellanca would manufacture the airplane at its Alexandria, Minnesota facility and would handle marketing as well. Bellanca would have a new model and the Aries T-250 a home in which to be built and someone to market it.

The Aries T-250 is a metal airplane, powered by a 250-horsepower carbureted Lycoming, designed for the best combination of production efficiency, performance and good handling qualities.

The main landing-gear tread is narrow. With a T tail, the wings are constant-chord with a low aspect ratio. A T-250s can lift a gross of 3,150 pounds, and the prototype would fly with full tanks (76 gallons), four 170-pound people and 99 pounds of luggage.

An agreement giving Bellanca Aircraft exclusive production rights to the Aries T-250 single-engine retractable expired at the end of 1977. According to Bellanca President James Callier, Anderson, Greenwood Aviation Corporation - which controls the rights to the airplane and has pumped $2.4 million into Bellanca since 1976 - found it unwise to continue an agreement when there were no immediate prospects that would allow Bellanca to begin production.



Engine: Avco Lycoming O-540-A4D5, 247 hp
Length: 26.181 ft / 7.98 m
Height: 8.596 ft / 2.62 m
Wingspan: 31.332 ft / 9.550 m
Wing area: 170.071 sqft / 15.8 sqm
Max take off weight: 3153.2 lb / 1430.0 kg
Weight empty: 1852.2 lb / 840.0 kg
Max. speed: 187 kts / 346 km/h
Cruising speed : 181 kts / 335 km/h
Service ceiling: 18045 ft / 5500 m
Wing load: 18.66 lb/sq.ft / 91.00 kg/sq.m
Range: 1017 nm / 1883 km
Crew: 1
Payload: 3 Pax


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