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The Double Eagle Airplane is a "plans built" design powered by the widely available stock VW engine, that will carry 2 people with a useful load around 515 Lbs. It can be built and flown under the Light Sport Aircraft Category. This is a strong and simple airplane designed using traditional and proven aviation tubular steel technology. It is easy to build and there has developed around it a strong core of builders that offer help and support for building the aircraft. There is also a full kit developed by John Bolding in consultation with the designer that makes building this design even faster.

The Double Eagle Aircraft is a welded fuselage made of aircraft tubing and represents one of the strongest and lightest 2 place airframes on the market today. The design was originally created as a "super" legal eagle for a heavy friend of Leonard's. When this friend died before the project was finished, Leonard converted it into an Ultralight Trainer for pilots wanting instruction on flying the Legal Eagle. When the FAA changed the rules creating the LSA category this design was certified as a LSA homebuilt design.


Leonard developed the Double Eagle as his 11th airplane project as an outgrowth of the need to have a trainer for his very popular Legal Eagle Ultralight. The Double Eagle started to form up in 2002 and was first widely seen at the 2003 Oshkosh show. A repeat performance in 2004 broadened its popularity, and many kits started out the door.

"DE" was getting special treatment in 2007 because of an invitation that Leonard Received from the EAA to display the Double Eagle at the Air Venture 2007 Air Show. It seems that EAA membership has been asking for an affordable Light Sport Aircraft and most others while fine airplanes tend to run upwards of $50,000. Since the Double Eagle can be certified in this category and costs under 10-12 thousand dollars (even paying retail, and getting some building help), it is very affordable the invite went out. The aircraft is sporting a new Culver prop and has many cosmetic improvements and tweaks in celebration of the event.

Engine: VW 1835 cc, 60 hp
Horsepower range: 60-65
Weight: 385 lb (dry)
Height: 6 ft 8 in
Wing Span: 28 ft 3 in
Gross Weight: 900 lb
Wing Cord: 55 inches
Useful Load: 515 lb
Wing Area: 127 sq. ft.
Wing Stress Load: 4 G’s
Fuselage: 18 ft
Fuel Cap: 14 USG
Fuel Cap LSA: 10 USG
Take Off distance: 250 ft
Landing distance: 350 ft
Rate of climb: 500 fpm
Stall speed: 35 mph
Cruise speed: 70 mph
Economy cruise: 55 mph
Range: 230 sm
Seats: 2
Cockpit width: 48 in


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