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B&F Technik FK-14 Polaris

FK-Lightplanes FK-14



Development of this high-performance cruiser started in 1997, and Otto Funk developed the main wing structure with its special Fowler flap system in co-operation with the University of Stuttgart using its laminar wind tunnel. The rest of the airframe was designed by Peter Funk, whereby standard parts of the FK9 Mk3 were used as far as possible. The construction of the Polaris began in 1998 and the prototype of the FK14 was flown first in May 1999.

The FK14 is constructed in a mix of aluminium and fibreglass composite materials. The cockpit area is built of a crash-resilient tubular steel frame. The wings have a composite leading edge, with spars of carbonfibre covered in sheet aluminium.




Production of the airframes takes place in Krosno, Poland; assembly of the airframes and the final production of the aircraft in the factory in Speyer in Germany.

Engine options: Rotax 912 / 912-S
Empty weight: 284kg
Max. demonstrated take off weight: 544 kg
Demonstrated ultimate loads: + 6,4g / -4,0g (520kg)
Wingspan: 9,04 m
Length: 5,69 m
Height: 2,00 m (tri gear version)
Vstall: 35 kt / 40 mph / 64 Km/h
Vne: 157 kt / 180 mph / 290 km/h
Cruise (75%): 235 km/h / 243 km/h
Take off run over 15m obstacle: 205m / 180m
Best climb: 1100 / 1500 ft/min at 145km/h


Engine: Rotax 912, 80 hp
Wing span: 8.8 m
Wing area: 9.0 sq.m
Empty weight: 200 kg
MAUW: 450 kg
Max speed: 290 kph
Minimum speed: 65 kph
Seats: 2






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