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Birdman Aircraft Inc TL-1



Designed by Emmett M. Tally III, the Birdman TL-1 is an ultralight craft emphasiing ease of construction and light weight. The fuselage is a standard plywood monocoque, and the tail section is a V-type, and synthetic skin, Monokote heat shrink film, is used to cover the wood and foam-reinforced wings. It features sequential spoilers for lateral control. While the main gears are at-tached under the wing, the pilot’s legs and feet take the place of a nosegear. The pilot is seated at the CG, enabling him to rotate into a standing position as an aid to ground handling. The standing pilot actually becomes the nosewheel.

The TL-1A was powered by a 15-hp McCulloch single-cylinder air-cooled engine. Two gallons of fuel give it a range of 320 km (200 miles) at 54 kg (120 lb), and marketed in 1980 by a Dayton Beach accountant who sells complete kits for less than $2000.


Gross Wt. 350 lbs
Empty Wt. 100 lb
Fuel capacity: 4 USG
Wingspan: 34 ft
Length: 20 ft
Engine: 15-hp Tally Air-craft MC101 DT
Top speed: 60mph
Cruise speed: 54mph
Stall speed: 19mph
Climb rate: 350 fpm
Ceiling: 12,500 ft
Takeoff run: 75 ft
Landing roll: 25 ft
Range: 200 sm


Cruise 38 mph
Top speed: 44 mph
ROC: 300 fpm
Stall: 14 mph
Wing span: 34 ft



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