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With tail dragger or tricycle gear configuration, the BK1 is a design to carry up to 6 ft 4 in 250lb pilot, 30 lbs of baggage, at  130 mph for 400 miles with an hour reserve. At the time it could be built from scratch for under $10K.

In 2005 a BK-1 was flown 1200 miles to Oshkosh in 10 flight hours, with 2 fuel stops. The BK-1 also appeared at Sun-N-Fun 2006 and Oshkosh 2006.

Engine: Great Plains 1835 Volkswagen, 60 hp
Wing Span: 19 feet 4 inches
Length: 15 feet 4 inches
Cockpit Width: 24 inches
Cockpit Height: 40 inches (curved canopy)
Leg Room: 50 inches (firewall to seat back bulkhead)
Fuel Capacity: 15 USgallons
Empty Weight: 430 pounds
Gross Weight: 800 pounds
Fuel: 90 Pounds (15 USGallons)
Pilot Size: Up to 250 lb - 6 foot 4 inches tall
Baggage: up to 30 lb
Takeoff Distance: 700 feet
Landing Distance: 700 feet
Rate of Climb: 750 fpm @ 65 mph IAS (initial)
Max Continuous Cruise: 130 mph
Fuel burn max cruise :3.5 USgallons per hour.
Range 400 miles with reserves.
Economy Cruise: 100 mph
Economy fuel burn: 2.5 USgallons per hour.
Economy range: 500 miles with reserves.
Top Speed: 145 mph


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