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In 1933 Marcel Bloch established a small factory at Courbevoie, Paris, to build light aircraft. In 1933-34 the company built its first fighter aircraft, the Bloch 130, the first flight of this prototype being made on 29 June 1934. Production Bloch 131s entered service in 1938. Subsequent production included the Bloch 151 /152/155 monoplane fighter, Bloch 175 light bomber, and Bloch MB 200 and MB 210 bomber aircraft. Nationalization of the French aircraft industry in 1937 combined the Bleriot and Bloch companies as Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques de Sud-Ouest, with Marcel Bloch as managing director.

By June 1940 production totaled about 600, involving five plants. MB.175 twin-engined bomber was in production and was revived after Second World War as torpedo aircraft.

After World War II, although four of the nationalized groups continued operating under state control, private companies were allowed to resume the design and manufacture of both civil and military aircraft. Some of the pioneering names of French aviation, such as Breguet and Morane-Saulnier, returned to prominence, and by 1950 a new one had been added - Avions Marcel Dassault.

It was not until after World War II that Marcel Bloch, born a Jew, converted to Catholicism and changed his name to Dassault.

The surviving private portion of Bloch became Dassault in 1948.

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