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Originally developed by Flight Concepts, the Skyfox twin-turbofan advanced trainer was developed and marketed by the Boeing Military Airplane Company, which holds an exclusive production licence for the aircraft. More than 700 active T-33s, of which the Skyfox is a remanufacture, have been identified by Boeing, and at least 200 are seen as potential subjects for conversion.


Skyfox N221SF first flew on August 23, 1983, piloted by Skip Holm or Tony LeVier, and has two externally mounted 16.4kN thrust Garrett TFE731 engines in place of the T-33’s single 20.5kN J33 turbojet. The forward fuselage is reprofiled in the absence of air intakes and faired into enlarged leading edge root exten­sions. Winglets are fitted in place of the T-33’s tip tanks, and internal fuel capacity is increased to compensate. A redesigned, enlarged empennage is fitted. The tandem cockpit is updated with modern avionics, equipment, and Stencel ejection seats. The resulting aircraft retains 70 per cent of the T-33’s original structure, including the wing and landing gear.
The rights to the Skyfox transferred to Boeing as Boeing Skyfox. The registration was cancelled in 1997.
Engine: 2 x Garrett TFE731-3A, 3700 lb
Installed thrust: 33 kN.
Span: 11.8 m / 37'10"
Length: 14 m / 44'0"
Empty wt: 4665 kg.
MTOW: 9070 kg.
Warload: 2720 kg.
Max speed: 935 kph.
Initial ROC: 3050 m / min.
Ceiling: 15,240 m / 50,000'
T/O run (to 15m): 670 m.
Ldg run (from 15m): 1097 m.
Fuel internal: 2950 lt.
Range: 5560 km.
Hardpoints: 4
Seats: 2


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