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Aerocentre NC.271


Planned shortly after the end of WW2, as a jet powered NC.270 bomber with two Rolls-Royce Nene turbojets, the airframe of this light bomber was based on curved lines with flying surfaces (including a T-tail) of modest sweep. Power was provided by two engines located in the wing roots, and the design envisaged an 11,023-lb (5000-kg) bombload carried internally plus a defensive armament of four 15-mm cannon in a TV-controlled tail barbette. Validation of the design was entrusted to a pair of reduced-scale machines, the engineless NC.271-01 and the rocket--powered NC.271-02. The NC.271-01 flew in 1949 (air-launched from a piggyback position above a Languedoc transport aeroplane), but before the NC.271-02 could be flown later in the same year the parent company folded and the whole NC.270 programme was terminated.
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