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Aerocentre SNCAC NC.701
Aerocentre SNCAC NC.702 Martinet
Siebel Si.204


Production of the twin-engined eight-passenger Siebel Si.204A transport aircraft and Siebel Si.204D military instrument trainer for French and Luftwaffe service began at the SNCAC factory at Bourges in 1942. Post-war SNCAC put the aircraft back into production as the NC.701 (Si.204D) and NC.702 (Si.204A) powered by Renault 12S engines (440kW SNECMA S-12-SO2-3Hs, French-built Argus As.411s). Approximately 300 were built.

The NC.702 version accommodated a crew of two and eight passengers (four on each side of a central aisle), with a toilet and luggage compartment aft. As a freighter, the interior equipment was removed and the cabin divided into four compartments. Among the many operators of the Martinet were Air France and CSA of Czechoslovakia.

NC.702 / Si.204A
Engines: 2 x Renault 12S, 440kW         
Take-off weight: 5600 kg / 12346 lb
Wingspan: 21.83 m / 72 ft 7 in        
Length: 12.81 m / 42 ft 0 in
Cruise speed: 325 km/h / 202 mph        
Range: 810-1400 km / 503 - 870 miles
Range max.fuel: 2000 km / 1243 miles


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