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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 4 (Comp Monster)


Comp Air supplies easy-to-assemble aircraft kits that use composite materials to achieve a strong, light-weight structure that, once bonded together, the fuselage becomes a single composite structure.
Exterior parts are delivered from the factory with a smooth shiny white gelcoat finish. The standard Comp Monster kit is designed to accept an engine from 150 to 180 hp. Higher power versions are also available.




Comp Monster
Engine: 150hp-180hp (250hp HP opt)
Length: 24.5ft
Wingspan: 35ft
Height: 8ft
Cabin Width: 42.5in, 46in Widebody
Cabin Height: 53in
Seating Capacity: 4 place
Wing Area: 212 ft/sq
Aspect Ratio: 5
Cruise: 140-160mph
Stall Speed: 39mph
Empty Weight: 1390lbs
Gross Weight: 2590lbs
Useful Load: 1000-1400lbs
Fuel Capacity:  60USG
Fuel Consumption: 8USG/hr
Maximum Range: 1000nm
G Loading: +4.5/-2
Takeoff Distance: 500ft
Landing Roll braking: 500ft
Cross Wind Landing: 17kts
Rate of Climb: 600-1200fpm

Engine: Lycoming O-360, 180 hp.
Speed max: 142 mph.
Cruise: 132 mph.
Range: 660 sm.
Stall: 42 mph.
ROC: 1200 fpm.
Take-off dist: 400 ft.
Landing dist: 550 ft.
Service ceiling: 16,000 ft.
HP range: 110-260.
Fuel cap: 52 USG.
Weight empty: 1350 lbs.
Gross: 2750 lbs.
Height: 8 ft.
Length: 26 ft.
Wing span: 35 ft.
Wing area: 212 sq.ft.
Seats: 4.
Landing gear: nose or tail wheel.


Engine: Lycoming O-360, 180 hp
Wing span: 10.67 m
Wing area: 19.5 sq.m
MAUW: 1247 kg
Empty weight: 612 kg
Fuel capacity: 197 lt
Max speed: 220 kph
Cruise speed: 212 kph
Minimum speed: 68 kph
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Seats: 4
Fuel consumption: 35 lt/hr
Kit price (1998): $23,900




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