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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 6


First flown in January 1996, the Comp Air 6 featured seating for up to 6 people. It's available with wheels (tricycle or tail-dragger), floats, or skis.
The Comp Air 6 is an efficient, economical cross-country cruising machine for pleasure or business. It will provide cruise speeds from 150 to 200 mph.

Comp Air 6
Engine: 220-300hp        
Length: 24.5ft
Wingspan: 35ft            
Height: 8ft
Cabin Width: 42.5in, 46in Widebody    
Cabin Height: 53in
Seating Capacity: 4-6 place        
Wing Area: 212 ft/sq
Wing Area Taper Wing: 178 ft/sq            
Stall Speed: 39mph        
Stall Speed Taper Wing: 53mph
Aspect Ratio: 5
Cruise: 160-190mph        
Empty Weight: 1900lbs    
Gross Weight: 3200lbs            
Useful Load: 1300-1400lbs    
Fuel Capacity:  80USG            
Fuel Consumption: 12USG/hr
Max Range: 1000nm            
G Loading: +4.5 / -2    
Takeoff Distance: 750ft            
Landing Roll: 750ft with braking
Cross Wind Landing: 17kts            
Rate of Climb: 600-1800fpm

Comp Air 6
Engine: Franklin, 220 hp.         
Speed max: 156 mph.
Cruise: 145 mph.         
Range: 980 sm.
Stall: 43 mph.
ROC: 1700 fpm.
Take-off dist: 350 ft.             
Landing dist: 375 ft.
Service ceiling: 18,000 ft.         
Fuel cap: 82 USG.
Weight empty: 1490 lbs.         
Gross: 2850 lbs.
Height: 8 ft.             
Length: 25 ft.
Wing span: 34.5 ft.             
Wing area: 212 sq.ft.
Seats: 6.            
Landing gear: nose or tail wheel.

Comp Air 6 Widebody
Recommended Horsepower: 220 to 300    
Height: 8ft
Length: 24ft        
Wingspan: 35ft
Never Exceed (Vne): 257 mph (IAS)
Cruise Speed: 165 to 195 mph TAS
Stall Speed (mph IAS): 45-55 mph IAS    
Takeoff Roll: 400 to 600 ft
Climb Rate: 600 to 1200fpm    
Seats: 6
Gross Weight: 2850 lb (3200 or 3600 lb High Gross reinforcements available)
Empty Weight: 1500 to 2250 lb    
Useful Load: up to1300 lb    
Fuel Capacity: 60 USG std (120 USG option)
Cabin Width: 46" or 47.5" widebody options
Landing Gear: Tricycle or Tailwheel
Construction: Composite


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