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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 7


The Comp 7SLX refined version of the Comp Air 6 sports a wider cabin (46½"), 100% mass balanced controls, larger tail surfaces, aerodynamically efficient "raked" windshield, flush-fit doors for quieter cabin and drag reduction, and flush-mounted landing gear. Recommended enginess range from 250 to 385 hp.
The airframe can be built to accommodate engines as large as 650 hp (i.e. Walter turbo-prop), with Vne as high as 257 mph indicated, and useful load up to 1670 lbs.



Comp Air 7SLX

Engine: Walter 601D, 657 ESHP        
Prop: Avia 3 blade constant speed
Wing span: 35 ft                
Wing area: 178 sq.ft
Length: 29 ft 6 in            
Height: 8 ft
Cabin width: 46 in (47.5in opt)            
Fuel cap: 150 USG
Empty Wt: 2100-2550 lb            
Gross Wt: 3770-4600 lb
Useful load: 1400-1670 lb            
Seats: 6
Vne: 257 mph IAS            
Cruise 18000ft: 225-250 mph TAS
Cruise 21,000ft: 250-275 mph TAS        
Vso: 55-65 mph
Climb rate: 2000-4000 fpm            
Takeoff roll: 300-400 ft

Engine: Walter 601D, 660 ESHP         
Wing span: 33 ft
Length: 29 ft 6 in             
Wing area: 178 sq.ft
Gross Wt: 4200 lb                 
Empty Wt: 2400 lb
Climb rate: 2000-3000 fpm            
Cruise 18000ft: 225-250 mph TAS
Useful load: 2000-2050 lb             
Fuel cap: 220 USG
Vso: 54 mph                
Climb rate: 3000 fpm
Takeoff roll: 350 ft                
Landing roll: 800 ft
Range: 1040sm                
Cabin width: 47in
Seats: 7                
Landing gear: nose or tail
Kit price 2009: US$78,645


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