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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 8


Tapered wings for faster cruise are included as a standard feature on the Comp Air 8. The CA8 is intended as a high performance, fast-flying load-carrying utility airplane and, like all of Comp Air's  unique airplanes, optional floats are available for the Comp Air 8 Turbine.
The Comp Air 8 has 100% mass-balanced controls for high cruise speeds, has as standard specially reinforced (carbon fiber) over-size tail surfaces for stability and control, includes an aerodynamically efficient and optically corrected windshield, and includes flush-mounted landing gear and flush-fit thermopane doors. Total fuel capacity is determined by the builder, who has the option of installing fuel tanks capable of carrying up to 180 US gallons.
Owners have a useable range of 500 to 700 miles (with reserves), while carrying up to 6 adults at speeds over 200 mph. Optional 5200 lb or 5600 lb gross weight reinforcements are available. Tapered wings for faster cruise are included as a standard feature on the Comp Air 8.

Engine: Walter M 601D Turboprop, 657 eshp
Propeller: AVIA 3-blade, constant speed, feathering, with reverse
Wing Span: 33 ft            
Length: 31 ft 6 in
Wing area: 237 sq.ft         
Height: 9 ft
Fuel Capacity: 150 USG        
Fuel Burn cruise:    35-37 gph Jet A
Gross Weight: 4800 lb            
Gross option: 5200-5600 lbs.     
Empty Weight: 2800-3100 lbs.        
Useful Load: 2000 to 2500 lb    
Seats: 6+2            
Never Exceed (VNE): 229 mph IAS
Cruise altitude: 17,000 to 21,000 ft    
Cruise speed at alt: 225 to 250 mph TAS
Range (with res):    500-700 miles         
Takeoff Roll: 400-600 ft
Climb Rate: 1500-3000 fpm         
Vso: 45-55 mph IAS
Cabin Width: 46 in (47.5-52in optional)

Cruise 18,000 ft: 225-250mph TAS    
Useful load: 2000-2500 lb
Climb rate: 1500-3000 fpm        
Seats: 8
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