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Buethe Enterprises Barracuda


During the early 1970s, RAF pilot Jeffery Siers designed and personally built the first Barracuda. When completed, he took it to Oshkosh 1976 where it won Best New Design.

While building it, Siers would finish a set of plans and material list, and send them to Bill and Marilyn Buethe would would then build the component and send back suggestions for improvement.

In January 1981, Bill Buethe and his Barracuda flew.

Bill and Marilyn bought the airplane rights from the designer, Jeff Siers and under the name Buethe Enterprises, they sell plans, information kits, canopies, cowlings, and engine mounts. Plans were selling for US$200.

A 200 mph two-seater, the Barracuda, made entirely of spruce and plywood, is a fast, high performance, side by side two place with retractable, tricycle gear. Rated for limited acrobatics, it has a 200 MPH cruise speed and 2,100 FPM rate of climb with a Lycoming O540 Engine. Power may vary from 200 to 300 horsepower. A stall speed of 62 makes landing easy. The comfortable 40 inch wide cockpit, with the sound deadening properties of wood, makes it a wonderful cross-country tourer. The structure is elegant and simple, like a model airplane, with no complex jigging.

Engine: Lycoming IO-540, 250 hp
Wing span: 24 ft 9 in
Wing area: 120 sq.ft
Length; 21 ft 6 in
Max ramp weight; 2300 lb
MTOW: 2300 lb
Max landing weight: 2300 lb
Empty weight: 1500 lb
Useful load; 800 lb
Wing loading: 19.17 lb/sq.ft
Power loading: 9.2 lb/hp
Fuel capacity; 44 USG
Cruise, max pwr 7000ft: 200 mph
Stall clean: 64 mph
Stall flaps down: 62 mph
ROC: 2000 fpm
Service ceiling: 18,000 ft
Takeoff roll: 800 ft
Landing roll; 1000 ft
Landing gear; tri retractable
Seats: 2
Wheels/tires: 5.00x5 or 6.00x6


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