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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 10

Comp Air 10XL

The aircraft is a kitset, amphibious floatplane constructed from composite materials and powered by a Walter turbine. Aerocomp claim that the aircraft can take off in only 250 feet (in 3-4 sec-onds) with a full fuel load and five people on board, climb at 2,000 ft/min and cruise at 160 knots (TAS). One of the aircraft’s more distinguishing features is its twin vertical stabilisers.
This aircraft can seat 8 adults, with room left over for baggage with inside cabin dimensions of 13 feet x 5 feet (9 feet available aft of the front seats). Powered by the 657 shp Walter M601D turboprop, it cruises between 175 and 200 mph TAS (depending on loading, altitude, power setting, etc).
The Comp Air 10 features modern all-composite construction, and is available in tricycle, tailwheel, or float configuration. Numerous options are available to custom-tailor this airplane to your own specifications.

Engine: Walter M601D, 657 hp    
TBO: 1500 hr
Wingspan: 36 ft 6 in /11.4m        
Length: 31 ft / 9.6m
Height: 8 ft 8 in            
Wing area: 242 sq.ft.
Wing loading: 21.6 lb/sq.ft.        
Pwr loading: 7.9-9.1 lb/hp.
MAUW:    5200-6000 lb         
Empty wt: 2750-3150 lb
Useful load: 2450-3000 lb        
Payload full fuel: 1300-2000 lb
Useable fuel: 120-180 USG        
Undercarriage: Nose or tail
Wheel track: 110 in            
Wheel size: 8.00x6
Seats: 8            
Cabin doors: 3
Cabin width: 60 in            
Cabin height: 53 in
Baggage cap: 300 lb            
Prop: Avia CS. FR.
65% cruise: 175 mph            
75% cruise: 192 mph
Range 65% cruise no res: 795 sm            
Range 75% cruise no res: 672 sm
Fuel burn 65%:33 USG/hr        
Fuel burn 75%:38 USG/hr
Endurance (30min res): 3.7 hr            
Stall clean: 51-61 kts
Stall flaps: 46-54 kts        
ROC: 800-2000 fpm
TO Ground roll: 250-500 ft        
Landing ground roll: 700 ft


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