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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air 11


Engine: Honeywell TPE331-14GR, 1,650 hp @ SL or TPE331-10, 1000 hp @ SL
Prop: McCauley 5 blades constant speed, reversible 114" diameter
Length: 38ft            
Wingspan: 43ft
Height: 14.5ft            
Cabin Width: 52in
Cabin Height: 56in            
Seating Capacity: 6
Wing Area: 260 sq.ft         
Wing Loading: 30 lb/sq.ft.
Aspect Ratio: 6             
Cruise: 360 ktas
Stall Speed: 75 kts            
Empty Weight: 4,400 lb
Gross Weight: 7,800 lb             
Useful Load: 3,400 lb
Fuel Capacity: 400 USG         
Fuel Consumption: 35 USG/hr
Maximum Range: 2,100 nm        
ROC Solo: 8,000fpm
ROC Gross: 3,500fpm         
G Loading: +4.3, -1.5
TO Dis MAUW SL: 900 ft             
Ldg Roll (with Beta): 900 ft
Cross Wind Landing: 17 kias


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