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Aerocomp Inc Comp Air Jet


This pressurized single-engine jet is all carbon-composite fibre and is powerede by 3,400-pound thrust AI-25 jet engine used in the L-39 Albatross and the Yak 40. The cabin (70x68-inches) can be configured in a variety of seating arrangements for up to 8 people. Cabin altitude of 10,000 feet is available at the aircraft’s maximum certified ceiling of 29,900 feet.

Engine: Al25 fanjet
Length: 35ft             
Wingspan: 44ft
Wing Area: 297 sq.ft.         
Empty Weight: 5900 lb
Gross Weight: 10,900 lb        
Cruise: 375 mph    
Rate of Climb: 2000 fpm        
Stall Speed: 71 mph
Range: 1,270 nm         
TO Dist: 2700 ft  
Landing Roll: 2000 ft             
Fuel Capacity: 450 USG
Seats: 8            
Undercarriage: nose or tail
Kit price 2008: US$499,000


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