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Cascade Ultralights Kasperwing



Witold Kasper never got his designs into produc-tion and it was left to someone else to harness the potential of Kasper’s “vortex lift” theory. Steve Grossruck, a US hang-glider designer, applied the Kasper wingtip controls to a Fledge hang-glider and found himself with a wing that would not stall or spin. It was also stable about all three axis at all speeds, and had a sink rate of 160 fpm with a 150 lb pilot. In keeping with the Kasper “vortex lift’ theory, the wing could be flown with hands-off stability in a vertical descent. Yaw and roll control proved to be totally inde-pendent of the craft’s forward speed.

The theory proven, it was decided to add power - initially with a 250cc Honda Odyssey of 23hp but later with a 242cc Zenoah 23hp engine. A special harness was designed to further realise the potential flight performance predicted by Kasper’s theories. The harness allowed faster weight shifting and enabled the pilot to make the precise trim changes required for vertical descents and safe landings.

This ability to “mush” down or fly below the stall without spinning or dropping its nose provides an ability to “parachute” vertically at about 600-800 fpm riding on a span-wise vortex of air which shears off at the leading edge of the wing, forming a low pressure area.

In 1980 the Kasperwing was the outstanding new design at Oshkosh and hang-glider versions have consistently won contests in the Northwest American States. The Kasperwing is the only microlight that is still controllable at zero forward speed. It then flies in a so-called “mush” without risk of spinning or loss of control. The rate of descent, 900 feet per minute, is rapid, but the experienced pilot can translate to forward momentum at any time during such a descent.




Engine: 242 cc123 hp Zenoah G-25B 1-cylinder two-stroke
Wing Span: 34 ft
Wing Area: 180 sq. ft
Length: 12 ft 8 in
Cruise speed: 35 - 45 mph
Stall speed: 18 - 22 mph
Max. rate of climb: 550 - 650 fpm
Empty weights: 150 lb
Max. pilot weight: 220 lb
Fuel consumption: 1 USG/hr
Range: 85 miles.

Engine: Rotax 277.
Prop: 152 cm.
Wing span: 10.67m.
Length: 3.86m.
Weight: 111 kg.
Fuel cap: 19 lt.
Cruise: 39 kts.
Stall: 20 kts.

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