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Cascade Ultralights Kasperwing 180


Kasperwing 180BX

Designed by Witold Kasper and Steve Grossruck. The 180B model has a sturdier undercarriage. Control is pitch by weight shift, yaw and roll by differential wingtip rudders through control wheel. Kasper wingtips function both as ailerons and rudders to control roll and yaw through butterfly steering yoke. Rigid type undercarriage with balloon tire suspension and steerable nosewheel. Option includes shock system, bungee-operated. The 180BX is a flying wing motorglider monoplane. Control system operates independently of for- ward speed. Pilot module fully encloses pilot, improves handling and performance, offers year-round flying. Powered by a Zenoah G-25B with electric starter and a 2.49:1 reduction unit to 54/30 propeller, the landing gear is a rigid type, using balloon tire suspen-sion or optional shock system. The 180C features a fully enclosed cockpit, 3 axis cxontrols with spoilers, and single-surface wing.

Engine: Zenoah G25B1, 23hp.
Wingspan: 10.67m.
Length: 3.86m.
Empty wt: 79 kg.
MAUW: 186kg.
Range: 137km.


Engine: Zenoah 242cc G-25B, 23 hp.
Prop: 54 x 27 with 2.49:1 reduction drive.
Landing gear: Aluminium tubing.
Empty wt: 215 lbs
Gross wt: 465 lbs
Payload (full std fuel): 220 lb.
Fuel cap: 5 USGal.
Wingspan: 35 ft.
Length: 12ft 8in.
Height: 90in.
Wing area: 180 sq ft.
Aspect ratio 6.8.
Wing loading: 2.6 lb/sqft.
Power loading: 20 lb/hp.
Wheel base: 62 in.
Vne: 60mph.
Max cruise: 45 mph.
Normal cruise: 38 mph.
Stall: 22 mph.
Best climb rate: 900 fpm.
Takeoff roll: 50 ft.
Ldg roll: 50 ft.
Glide ration: 10:1.
Sink rate: 200 fpm.
Static thrust 170 lbs.

Engine: Zenoah G25B, 23hp @ 6500 rpm.
Static thrust 170 lbs.
Wingspan 35 ft.
Wing area 180 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 6.8.
Length 12 ft 8 in.
Empty weight 220 lbs.
Usable payload 250 lbs.
Wing loading 2.61 lbs/sq.ft.
L/D 12:1.
Cruise speed 48 mph.
Stall speed 22-26 mph.
Approach speed 30 mph.
Flare speed 14 mph.
Liftoff speed 16 mph.
Takeoff roll 75 ft.
Climb rate 600 fpm.
Fuel capacity 5 USG.

Engine: Rotax 277, 28 hp.
Prop: Ritz 60 x 27.
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Wingspan 35 ft.
Wing area 180 sq.ft.
Empty weight 238 lbs.
Max wt: 525 lbs.
Cruise speed 50 mph.
Stall speed 22 mph.
Vmax: 60 mph.
Climb rate 800 fpm.
Takeoff roll 75 ft.
Ldg roll: 30 ft.

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