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Cassutt II



The Cassutt Formula One racer and sports plane is a little midwing that commonly wrings 200 mph plus out of 85-hp engines. This speedy ship performs well using either Continental, Lycoming or Volkswagen engines. Its construction uses a welded steel-tube fuselage, wood wings and flat spring-steel landing gear. Professionally designed for racing, aerobatics and sport use, the Cassutt is stressed to l2Gs.

Gross Wt. 800 lb.
Empty Wt. 500 lb.
Fuel capacity 15 USG.
Wingspan 15 ft 0 in.
Length 16 ft.
Engine 85-hp Continental
Top speed 235 mph.
Cruise 180 mph.
Stall 62 mph
Climb rate 2000 fpm.
Takeoff run 600 ft.
Landing roll 525 ft.
Range 600 nm

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