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Aero Design 685 / 680FL / Courser Commander

Rockwell Commander 685



The Rockwell Commander 685 was a turbocharged high-performance piston-powered airplane designed to meet the business requirements of room and speed normally found in propjet aircraft. The seven to nine place 685 is powered by twin turbocharged 435-hp Continental engines with Hartzell constant-speed full feathering three-blade props. It can cruise at speeds of 255 mph at 24,000 feet. Its cabin can be arranged in no less than 12 different ways and can maintain sea level cabin pressure at altitudes up to 9,000 feet (4.2 psi differential). The Commander’s high wing, sturdy landing gear, and 75 knot stall speed allow it to operate from short unimproved strips. With 322 gallons of fuel, the 685 has a range of 1,731 miles with a 45-minute reserve. Its simple fuel system requires no crossfeeding. All fuel feeds into a central fuselage tank.


The 685 / 680FL, Courser Commander (ATC 2A4) first flew on 29 December 1962. It sold only in small numbers and was cancelled in late 1969.
Aero Commander 680FL N68X

Engines: 2 x Continental GTSIO--520-K, 435hp    
MAUW: 9000 lbs.
Gross weight: 9,000 lb                
Empty weight: 6,021 lb
Fuel capacity: 250-322 USG            
Seats: 9
Top speed: 279 mph.             
Cruise speed: 256 mph
Stall speed: 86 mph                
Initial climb rate:    1,490 fpm
Range: 976-1,284 sm            
Ceiling:    27,500 ft
Takeoff dist (50ft): 1,943 ft                 
Landing distance (50ft): 2,312 ft

Twin Commander 685A
Gross weight: 11,200 lb        
Empty weight: 7192 lbs
Useful load: 4008 lb            
Seats: 9
Rate of Climb: 2802 fpm        
Rate of Climb, SE: 985 fpm
Max Cruise Speed, FL290: 303 kts


680FL, Courser Commander
Engines: 2 x 320hp Lycoming GSO-540-B1A/-B1C
Wingspan: 49'6"
Length: 35'1"
Seats: 5-7
685 / 680-FL
Engines: 2 x 435hp Lycoming GTSIO-520F
Wingspan: 49'3"
Length: 41'6"
Cruise speed: 225 mph
Stall: 85 mph
Range: 1160 mi
Seats: 4-6


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