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The Turbo Commander first appeared in 1965 as a pressurized version of the Grand Commander. Power was supplied by twin 605-shp AiResearch turboprop engines, each driving a three-blade constant-speed reversible-pitch propeller. This model became known as the Turbo Hawk and was built until 1971 when it was replaced by the Turbo Commander 681B, another pressurized version similar to the Shrike Commander, with 717-shp powerplants. The 690 Turbo Commander first flew on 3 March 1969. The North American Rockwell Turbo Commander 690 was certificated at a gross weight of 10,250lb/4,650kg, in 1972, a payload improvement of 340lb, 155kg. Announcing the increase, the manufacturer stated that the 690, fully equipped, can carry seven people and full fuel tanks giving a range of 1,790 statute miles.

The Turbo Commander cabin can be pressurized to 5.2 psi and the operational ceiling is 31,000 feet. Interior temperature is controlled by a high-volume climate system, and heated windshields provide maximum visibility in all weather conditions. The Turbo Commander is also certified for flight into known-icing conditions, and all deicing equipment is standard. While the 690A is just minutes slower that most business jets on a 900- to 1,000-mile business trip, fuel consumption is about 50% less.The combination of reversible props, tough landing gear, high-wing, and 14-inch prop clearance are custom-tailored for short, rough landing strips. Engines that are flat-rated from 840 shp, to a nominal 700 shp help the 690A climb directly to the best cruise altitude without lengthy step climbing.


Aero Commander 681B N9004N


The 690B was offered in the Executive I and Executive II models. Many features that are usually considered optional are standard equipment in the Executive I, including avionics and cabin accommodations. The Executive II was for owners who wanted to select their own avionics and interior appointments.


Turbo Commander 681B


In 1964 Aero Commander offered to fit oversize panoramic cabin windows to their Grand Commander at an extra cost of $6000.

After hitting a high of 50 airplanes in 1974, production waned, and production was reduced by 1978. Rockwell offered the Shrike in an Esquire version. It was a deluxe model that featured opulent interiors. The only options in an Esquire II are Rajay turbocharging and air conditioning. Complete deicing, a super-plush interior, prop synchronizer, everything from the radar in the nose to the DeVore Tel-Tail lighting of the vertical fin is standard equipment. Price, 1978:  $329,500.




Turbo Hawk
Engine: 2 x AiResearch turboprop 605-shp         
Gross weight: 9,400 lb
Prop: 3-blade constant-speed reversible-pitch    
Empty weight: 5,783 lb
Fuel capacity: 286-337 USG                
Top speed: 290 mph
Cruise speed: 280 mph                    
Stall speed: 94 mph
Initial climb rate: 2,025 fpm                 
Ceiling: 25,000 ft
Range: 1,094 sm                 
Takeoff dist (50ft): 1,975 ft
Landing dist (50ft): 1,200 ft                
Seats: 8-10

Engines:2 x AiResearch TPE 331-43BL 605-shp       
Wingspan: 44 ft 0.75 in / 13.43 m
Length: 42 ft 11.74 in / 13.10 m
Empty weight: 5,647 lb / 2561 kg
MTOW: 9,400 lb / 4265 kg
Fuel capacity: 286-337USG
Top speed: 290 mph
Max cruise speed: 278 mph / 241 kt / 447 kph
Stall speed: 94 mph
Initial climb rate:                2,007 fpm / 612 m/min
Service ceiling: 25,600 ft  7800 m
Range std fuel 21,000ft/6400m 221kt/254mph/409kph: 1,062 sm / 922 nm / 1709 km
Range max fuel 21,000ft/6400m 221kt/254mph/409kph: 1,315 sm / 1141 nm / 2116 km
Takeoff dist (50'): 2,016 ft
Landing distance (50'): 1,200 ft
Seats: 8-9
Baggage capacity: 500 lb / 227 kg


Engines: 2 x Garrett, 700shp         
TBO: 3000hr
Max cruise: 285mph                 
Econ cruise: 250mph
Stall: 77mph                 
Fuel cap: 2573lb
Service ceiling: 33,000ft             
SE service ceiling: 19,700ft
ROC: 2849fpm             
SE ROC: 893fpm
Min field length: 1666ft                 
Payload with full fuel: 1252lb
Max range: 1767sm                 
Pressurisation diff: 5.2psi
High speed range: 1234sm                
Max payload: 1573lb     
Range max payload: 748sm
Seats: 9.
Gross wt: 10,300lb             
Equipped empty wt: 6475lb
Useful load: 3285lb

Engines: 2 x Garrett/AiResearch TPE 331-5-251K, 700 shp.     
TBO: 3,000 hrs    
Props: constant-speed, three-blade, reversible.
Length: 44 ft. 4 in     
Height: 14 ft 11 in
Wingspan: 46 ft 8 in     
Wing area: 266 sq ft
Wing loading: 38.82 lb/sq.ft    
Power loading: 7.37 lb/shp
Empty wt: 6,840 lb
Max TO weight: 10,250 lb
Useful load: 3,535 lb        
Payload with full fuel: 962 lb
Max ramp wt: 10,375 lb    
Usable fuel cap: 384 USG/2,573 lb
Max landing wt: 9,675 lb         
Max rate of climb: 2,821 fpm.
SE ROC: 878 fpm.     
Operational ceiling: 31,000 ft
SE service ceiling: 19,600 ft     
Stalling speed, clean: 82 kts
SE climb gradient 115 kts (Vy): 460 fpm     
Max cruise at 18,000 ft: 286 kts
Duration at max cruise: 4.37 hrs         
Stalling speed, full flaps: 77 kt
Long-range cruise 31,000 ft: 250 kts.          
Top speed: 30 mph
Duration at long-range cruise: 6.55 hrs.     
Pressurization differential: 5.2 psi
10,000-ft. cabin at: 27,000 ft
Seats: 7-10
Takeoff distance (50ft): 1,666 ft        
Landing distance (50ft): 2,084 ft

Engine: 2 x Lycoming IO-540-E1B5, 290 hp.     
Seats: 7             
Wing loading: 26.47 lb/sq.ft
Pwr loading: 11.63 lb/hp         
Gross wt: 6750 lb
Empty wt: 6735 lb            
Equipped useful load: 1769 lb
Payload max fuel: 854 lb            
Range max fuel/cruise: 671nm/3.8hr
Ceiling: 19,400 ft        
Range max fuel /range: 813nm/5.1hr
55% cruise: 161 kt            
Vmc: 65 kt
Stall: 59-68 kt            
1.3 Vso: 77 kt
ROC: 1340 fpm
SE ROC: 266 fpm @ 94 kt
SE ceiling: 6,500 ft            
Min field length: 1915 ft
Fuel cap: 915 lb

Esquire II
Engines: 2 x Lycoming IO-540-E1B5, 290 hp
Propeller: three-blade, constant-speed, 80 in. dia.
TBO: 1,400 hrs        
Length: 36 ft. 10 in
Height: 14 ft. 6 in        
Wingspan: 49 ft. 6 in
Wing area: 255 sq.ft            
Wing loading: 26.47 lb/sq.ft
Power loading: 11.63 lb/hp        
Seats: 6
Empty weight: 5,136 lb            
Useful load: 1,614 lb
Payload with full fuel: 628 lb
Gross weight: 6,750 lb
Usable fuel capacity: 156 USG/936 lb
Maximum speed: 187 kts
Service ceiling: 19,400 ft        
Maximum rate of climb: 1,340 fpm
Single-engine ROC: 266 fpm            
SE service ceiling: 6,500 ft
Duration at max cruise: 4.8 hrs            
Stalling speed, clean: 68 kt
Stalling speed, full flaps: 59 kt            
SE climb gradient at 93 knots (Vy): 171 ft/nm.
Max cruise, 75% power at 9,000 ft: 176 kts


690 Turbo Commander
Engines: 2 x 700hp TPE-331-5-251K








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