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Cessna CE-188 Agwagon
Aviones de Colombia Sa AgTrainer


CE-A188 AgTruck

First flown on 19 February 1965, the Agwagon was Cessna’s first production low-wing single. Utilising as many model 180 parts as possible, the Agwagon was sensibly priced and proved a good seller.

The Cessna Model 188 AGwagon (later renamed AG Wagon) is a braced low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, with non-retractable tailwheel landing gear, and accommodation for the pilot in an enclosed cabin protected by a steel overturn structure.



Power was provided by either a 172kW Continental IO-470-R or a 224kW Continental IO-520-D engine for the AGwagon 230 or AGwagon 300 respectively. Standard agricultural equipment included a 757-litre or 816kg capacity glassfibre hopper between the engine firewall and the cabin, and optional dusting or spraying equipment was available.



An increasing market for the AGwagon resulted in the introduction of a new model of this aircraft in late 1971; plus two additional versions designated as the AGpickup and AGtruck. The AGpickup was the basic model, a new name applied to the Continental O-470-R version of the original AGwagon; the Continental IO-520-D AGwagon was renamed AGwagon C and introduced a number of detail refinements; and the AGtruck was generally similar to the AGwagon C, except for the provision of a 1060-litre hopper plus a complete spray system and a wide range of equipment as standard. Of these three types the AGpickup was discontinued in 1976, and production of the AGwagon ended during 1981, after 1,589 had been built.

The final production version, introduced in 1979, was the T188C AG-HUSKY was powered by a turbocharged 310 hp / 231kW TSIO-520-T engine. US conversions to 400 hp are known of. Three hundred and eighty-five Cessna T188C AgHuskys, variants of the popular Cessna Agwagon and AgTruck agricultural aircraft, were built until late in 1985 when production ended.


In total, 3976 CE-188 were built.

A two-seat conversion was performed on three Cessna Al88 Agwagons for Hazelton Air Services of Cudal, NSW. Aerosmith converted VH-DOD (s/n AI 88-0125) at Sydney in 1967. Major work included widening the rear fuselage and installing a raised turtledeck. The cockpit sides are near vertical and a much larger windscreen fitted. The flying controls were shifted to the port side, but dual controls were not fitted. When a second aircraft was required, Aerosmith converted and certified another aircraft on 18 January 1971. The aircraft, VH-KVA (s/n A188-0169), was registered as a Cessna A.188A/2 on 07 May 1971. A third aircraft (s/n A188-0066) was also converted and registered in February 1972. This aircraft was damaged beyond repair in January 1984 and first conversion, VH--DOD, was written off in 1986.

Aviones de Colombia Sa, originally a Cessna dealership (1961), then also assembled selected Cessna aircraft, produced a two-seat training derivative of the Cessna AgTruck, known as AgTrainer.



CE-A188 AgPickup
Engine: Continental O-470-R, 230 hp
Length: 26 ft (8 m)
Wingspan: 41 ft 8 in (12.7 m)
Maximum speed: 121 mph (195 kph)
Range: 370 miles (595 km)

Service Ceiling: 11,000 ft (3,383 m)

CE-A188A Agtruck

Engines: Continental IO-520-D, 300 hp.
Seats: 1.
Wing loading: 16.3 lb/sq.ft.
Pwr loading: 13.3 lb/hp.
Max TO wt: 4000 lb.
Empty wt: 2189 lb.
Equipped useful load: 1759 lb.
Payload max fuel: 1447 lb.
Range max fuel 75% pwr: 253 nm / 2.6 hr.
Service ceiling: 11,100 ft.
Hopper cap: 200 USG.
75% cruise: 99 kt.
Working speed: 105 kt.
Working endurance: 3.1 hr.
Stall: 50-53 kt.
ROC: 690 fpm.
Min field length: 1265 ft.
Fuel cap: 312 lb.

CE-A188A Agwagon B

CE-A188B Agwagon C

Engine: Continental IO-520-D, 300 hp.
Cruise speed: 113 mph.
Std empty wt: 2,164 lbs.
Max wt Restricted Category: 4,000 lb.
Hopper cap: 200 USG.
Range 75% pwr: 295 sm.
Takeoff dist 50 ft obstacle: 1,090 ft.
Landing dist 50 ft obstacle: 1,265 ft.

CE-A188B AGtruck
First built: 1972.
Engine: 1 x Continental IO-520-D, 300 hp, 224kW.
TBO: 1200 hrs.
Prop: McCauley 2 blade, constant speed 86 in.
Seats: 1.
Length: 7.9 m / 25 ft 11 in
Height: 2.49 m / 8 ft 2 in
Wingspan: 12.7 m / 41 ft 8 in.
Wing area: 19.05 sq.m / 205.05 sq ft
Wing aspect ratio: 8.47.
Max ramp wt: 4200 lbs.
Max take off wt: 4200 lbs.
Standard empty wt: 1012 kg / 2231 lb
Max useful load: 1901 lbs.
Max landing wt: 3300 lbs.
Wing loading: 20.5 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 14 lbs/hp.
Max useable fuel: 324 lbs.
Hopper capacity: 280 USG.
Climb rate: 465 fpm.
Service ceiling; 7,800 ft.
Max speed: 122 kts.
Working speed: 100 kts.
Cruise speed: 187 km/h / 116 mph
Fuel flow @ working speed: 82 pph.
Endurance @ working speed: 3.7 hr.
Stalling speed clean: 66 kts.
Stall speed flaps down: 56 kts.
Ceiling: 2375 m / 7800 ft
Range: 466 km / 290 miles
Turbulent air penetration speed: 98 kts.
Fixed tail-wheel undercarriage.

CE-T188C AGhusky
First built: 1978.
Engine: 1 x Continental TSIO-520-T, 310 hp.
Prop: McCauley 3 blade, constant speed 80 in.
Seats: 1.
Length: 26.69 ft.
Height: 8.2 ft.
Wingspan: 41.7 ft.
Wing area: 205 sq.ft.
Wing aspect ratio: 8.2.
Max ramp wt: 4400 lbs.
Max take off wt: 4400 lbs.
Standard empty wt: 2322 lbs.
Max useful load: 2078 lbs.
Max landing wt: 3300 lbs.
Wing loading: 21.5 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 14.2 lbs/hp.
Max useable fuel: 324 lbs.
Hopper capacity: 280 USG.
Climb rate: 510 fpm.
Rate of climb @ 8000 ft: 255 fpm.
Certificated ceiling: 14,000 ft.
Max speed: 113 kts.
Working speed: 100 kts.
Fuel flow @ working speed: 93 pph.
Endurance @ working speed: 3.2 hr.
Stalling speed clean: 62 kts.
Stall speed flaps down: 58 kts.
Turbulent air penetration speed: 98 kts.
Fixed tail-wheel undercarriage.





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