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As an aeronautical engineer who had collaborated in programmes from such as Apollo X-15 and XB-70, Chuck Slusarczyk founded CGS (Chuck's Glider Supplies) in 1972 and around 2000 hang-gliders were sold in five years. This company was made famous by the creation and distribution of the first drive unit specifically designed for microlights, the famous Power Hawk.

In the early 1970's, Chuck Slusarczyk designed, built, and sold hang gliders and various associated supplies.  Shortly thereafter, he began experimenting with the powered hang glider, propelled at the time by small direct-drive go-kart engines.  The propeller was bolted directly to the crankshaft of the engine and turned at high (5,000-6,000 rpm) speeds.  Chuck realized that this design was not efficient.

With this shortcoming as impetus, Chuck successfully designed and produced a power system implementing a reduction drive to turn a larger-diameter, more efficient propeller.  By 1977, Chuck's Glider Supplies had become a leading manufacturer of hang gliders with a successful division producing power plants for a variety of ultralights.  For his pioneering efforts, Chuck was awarded Patent No. 4.262.263, "Powered Hang Glider with Reduction Drive."  Slusarczyk declined to take legal action against his competition for patent infringement.

In October, 1979, Chuck's Glider Supplies became CGS Aviation, Inc.   In early 1980, CGS conducted a market study at Sun N Fun and also Oshkosh to determine the features of an ultralight most desired by pilots.  The "Hawk" was the end result of that study.  The first prototype took to the air in January 1982.

1982: CGS Aviation Inc, 1305 Lloyd Road, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092, USA.

1995-8: PO Box 470635, Broadview Heights, OH 44147, USA.

2009: CGS Aviation
9090 Louis Tillman Rd
Grand Bay, AL 36541-5210

CGS Aviaton came under new ownership.  Due to health issues, Chuck Slusarczyk, the founder of CGS, passed on the Hawk design and daily manufacturing operations of the company.  New owner and president, Danny Dezauche, Tony Warnock serve as Operations Officer and Steve Bensinger the Technical Director.  Chuck continued to provide technical assistance as needed.


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