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Chargus T250 / Vortex 120

Single-seat single-engined flex-wing aircraft with weight-shift control. Rogallo wing with keel pocket. Pilot suspended below wing in trike unit, using bar to control pitch and yaw/roll by altering relative positions of trike unit and wing. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; rigid cross-tube construction with single--surface; tapered glass-fibre ribs. Undercar-riage has three wheels in tricycle formation; no suspension on any wheels. Push-right go-left nosewheel steering independent from yaw control. Optional brakes on all wheels. Alumi-nium-tube trike unit, with optional pod. Engine mounted below wing driving pusher propeller. Aluminium tubing to British HT30TF speci-fication, anodised. Howe & Bainbridge Dac-ron sailcloth. Aircraft-quality fasteners.

Chargus is known in the British hang-gliding world and was one of the first such manufac-turers to see the potential of power. The Robin-engined T250, usually flown with the Vortex 120 wing, is the company's only single-seat trike unit. The company concen-trated on getting the maximum thrust out of the single-cylinder engine, by using a toothed--belt reduction drive and a three-bladed propeller. The Vortex wing is a single-surface design.

Engine: Robin EC25PS, 22 hp at 6000 rpm.
Propeller: three-blade.
Tooth-ed-belt reduction, ratio 2.0/1.
Wing span 32.7 ft, 9.97 m.
Length overall 13.0ft, 3.96m.
Chord at root 11.0 ft, 3.35 m.
Total wing area 204 sq.ft, 19.0 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 5.2/1.
Wheel track 4.3 ft, 1.31 m.
Wheel-base 4.3 ft, 1.31 m.
Nosewheel diameter over-all 12 inch, 30 cm.
Main wheels diameter overall 12 inch, 30cm.
Power per unit area 0.11 hp/sq.ft, 1.2 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 3.0 US gal, 2.5 Imp gal, 11.4 litre.

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