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Aerodis America G-802 Orion

Orion four-seat composites monoplane, with pusher propeller aft of tail, produced by Jean Grinvalds in 1982. Plans and access to moulds later made available from Club Orion. The Orion was once scheduled to be manufactured in Texas.

The Orion G-802 is the first four-place, all-composite kit plane to be introduced in the United States. The clean surfaces, complemented by its pusher design, enables the Orion to compile impressive performance stats. Time to completion runs between 600 and 800 hours. The G-802 model of the Orion first flew in November 1983. Advanced Technology in Aviation (ATA) purchased fuselages and reworked them, mainly strengthening the fuselages with carbon fibre and designing a new wing. Club Orion in France co-ordinates all activity relating to the Orion.

Engine: Lycoming 180 hp        
Hp range: 160-200 hp     
Gross weight: 2310 lb             
Empty weight: 1340 lb
Fuel capacity: 58.2 USgal        
Optional fuel capacity: 106.0 USgal
Wingspan: 29 ft 6 in         
Length: 22 ft 5.5 in
Top speed 180 hp: 205 mph         
Cruise: 186 mph @ 75 % @ SL
Stall: 56 mph             
Climb rate: 985 fpm
Ceiling: 14,850 ft        
Takeoff roll (50 ft): 1600ft
Landing roll: 650ft             
Range std: 932 sm
Optional range: 1864 sm            
Max range: 2283 sm


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