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Circa ONW / Beamcraft


ONW/ Beamcraft I

The ONW/ Beamcraft I is a version of a design built in the 1960s. It uses commercial window frame “Beams” for the body, and simple 1 inch tubes for the tail. The wings are a simple ladder structure with strut bracing. It can be built in High wing, Mid wing or Low wing configuration, and nose or tail wheel. It is intended for engines ranging from 16 Horse Kohler or Briggs to the 447 rotax and will fly delightfully in the US UL range.
The TNW/ Beamcraft II is a biplane version of the Beam Craft: Same structure, same wheel arrangements, same rough weights and performance. You can have 2 ailerons or 4.

Beamcraft II

Beamcraft I

Wingspan: 28 ft
Wing Area: 126.5 sq. ft.
Length: 15 ft 66 in
Height: (various)
Weight: ~250 lbs
Fuel Tank: 5 US gal.
Stall: 25 MPH
Cruise: 50-65 MPH
Top Speed: 65 mph
Never Exceed: 75 mph
Gross wt: 500 lbs
G Factor: 5.7+ 2.8-

Beamcraft II

Wingspan: 24 ft
Wing Area: 144 sq. ft.

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