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Aero Gare Sea Hawk


Three years of design work and almost eighteen months construction by Aero Gare of California saw two prototypes constructed, and resulted in flight testing in 1985. A Sea Hawk wing kit, assembled and static load tested, failed in excess of 9.5G loading. Analysis revealed deficiencies in construction technique with changes resulting in a wing capable of withstanding loads in excess of 10G's without weight penalty.

The Sea Hawk was designed from the beginning to utilize composite construction. The Sea Hawk's unusual biplane appearance has not detracted from its popularity with 150 kits sold in three months from release date. The design has the ability to use many different engines in the 100 to 160hp range.


Tim Good was at AirVenture 2019 and spotted the original prototype Sea Hawk by Garry LeGare hidden behind a garage just off Ripple Ave near Camp Scholler.

prototype Sea Hawk           courtesy Tim Good


Engine: 100-160 hp         
Gross weight: 1600 lb
Empty weight: 850 lb             
Fuel capacity: 70 USG
Wingspan: 24 ft             
Length: 21 ft
Height: 76 in             
Cruise: 120 kt
Stall: 42 mph             
Climb rate: 1200 fpm
Ceiling: 18,000 ft         
Takeoff distance:    500 ft
Landing distance: 600 ft             
Range: 1320 sm


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