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Aero Industry Development Centre (AIDC)

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (Chinese name Han Hsiang Aerospace Industry Co Ltd.), established March 1, 1969 under auspices of Ministry of National Defense (reorganized 1996 under Ministry of Economic Affairs), in succession to Bureau of Aircraft Industry (set up in Nanking in 1946, moved to Taiwan 1948).

In 1968 a branch of the Bureau built the first Chinese-constructed PL-1B, a version of the US Pazmany PL-1. In 1969 AIDC began production of Bell helicopters for the Chinese Nationalist Army. Later undertook production of US Northrop F-5 Tiger II tactical fighter. Developed T-CH-1 turboprop trainer (flown November 1973; 50 production aircraft built) and AT-3 Tzu-Chiang advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft (first flown September 1980; 62 built 1977-1989, with upgrades thereafter). Has developed and is producing the Ching-Kuo indigenous defense fighter, which first flew in May 1989 and achieved initial operational capability in 1995 (to replace Starfighters and Tiger IIs). Produces components for the F-16 fighter, and since 1995 has also been involved in non-military programs, including becoming a partner with Aero Vodochody of the Czech Republic in the Ibis Aerospace company, and produces components for the Boeing 717, Falcon 900, and 200 bizjets, Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, plus engines.
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