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Aero Industry Development Centre (AIDC) AT-TC-3 Tse Tchan / AT-3


With development and design by AIDC begun in 1975, with assistance from Northrop, the first XAT-3 prototype flew on September 16, 1980. The aircraft is a twin-turbofan tandem-seat trainer with an unswept wing of supercritical section. Power is from two Garrett TFE731 engines, each giving 15.57kN thrust. For weapons training and light attack duties a semi-recessed gun pack with twin 0.5in machine-guns can be installed in a weapons bay beneath the rear cockpit, and external stores can be carried on four under-wing and one under fuselage hardpoints. Wing-tip launch rails for AIM-9J Sidewinders are provided. Total external weapons avaiable load is 2,720kg (6,000lb). An A/A37U-15TTS aerial target system can be carried on the centreline pylon.

Deliveries of the AT--TC-3 to the Republic of China Air Force began in March 1984, and more than 50 were on order for use as basic and advanced trainers, replacing the Lockheed T-33 trainers. Production aircraft totaling 60 were delivered from 1984 through 1990.

AIDC AT-3A Tzu-Chiang
Engine: 2 x Garrett (Honeywell) TFE731-1-2L turbofan, 3,500lbs
Length: 42.32ft (12.9m)
Wingspan: 34.32ft (10.46m)
Height: 14.30ft (4.36m)
Wing area: 235.732 sq.ft / 21.9 sq.m
Empty Weight: 17,505lbs (7,940kg)
Maximum Speed: 562mph (904kmh; 488kts)
Cruising speed: 476 kt / 882 km/h
Landing speed: 90 kt / 167 km/h
Maximum Range: 1,417miles (2,280km)
Rate-of-Climb: 10,100ft/min (3,078m/min)
Service Ceiling: 48,064ft (14,650m)
2 x 12.7mm semi-recessed gun packs in internal weapons bay (optional), 1900kg ext
Hardpoints: 6
Accommodation: 2

Engine: 2 x Garrett TFE731    
Installed thrust: 31.1 kN
Span: 10.5 m            
Length: 12.5 m
Wing area: 21.9 sq.m         
Empty wt: 3855 kg
MTOW: 7485 kg             
Warload: 2270 kg
Max speed: 900 kph
Initial ROC: 2440 m/min.
Ceiling:     14,600 m         
T/O run: 458 m
Ldg run: 671 m             
Fuel internal: 1630 lt
Range: 2297 km            
Endurance: 3.2 hr
Hardpoints: 5+2 wingtip        
Armament: 1 x .5 in, 2 x AAM.


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