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In 1966, the Davis all-metal design was voted the most popular at the Rockford EAA Fly-in. It requires little work on the part of the builder because of its simple construction, with no compound curves or ex-pensive fittings. The Davis design uses the 100-hp Continental and is one of the few do-it-yourself planes with a V-tail. Of low-wing, two seat side-by-side and nose undercarriage. The prototype DA-2 nosegear used a spring instead of rubber doughnuts. Engine range 65-100 hp.

Many DA-2A and DA-2B aircraft have been built from plans. DA-2A scratchbuilding plans describe both DA-2A and DA-2B versions. DA-1 through DA-5 used the Clark Y airfoil.

The DA-4 was completed as DA-2C. The DA-4 was intended as the production version of the DA-2, but was sold unfinished. Brent Hughes finished it as DA-2C N26146. This should not be confused with the D2C "Bandit" mods.


Engine: Cont A-65
Wingspan 19’3”.
Length 17’l0”.
Gross Wt. 1125 lbs.
Empty Wt. 610 lbs.
Fuel capacity 20 USG.
Top speed 120 mph.
Cruise 115 mph.
Stall 62 mph.
Climb rate 400 fpm.
Takeoff run 800 ft.
Landing roll 700 ft.
Range 450 sm.
Seats: 2

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