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de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover


DHA-3 Mk.3A

The de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover was produced to replace the de Havilland DH-84 Dragon then in widespread use in Australia, many by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The prototype (c/n 5001) first flew on 23 January 1948 under the control of test pilot Brian Walker.

The Drover was based broadly on the D.H.104 Dove, but had three 145 hp / 108kW Gipsy Major 10 Mk 2 engines and tail-wheel landing gear. Built at de Havilland's Bankstown works, versions were offered with variable- and fixed-pitch propellers as the Drover 1 and Drover 1F respectively; the Drover 2 had double-slotted flaps.


DHA-3 Drover I


Twenty Drovers were built at de Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd's Bankstown plant between 1948 and September 1953. VH-DHM c/n 5020, is the 20th and last production model.

Conversion from Mk.2 status to Mk3A involved replacing the three 150hp Gipsy Majors with 180hp Lycomings. Many of the earlier marks were re-engined as Mk.3 Drovers. The DHA-3 Drover 3 flew for the first time in May 1960. The DHA-3 Drover Mk.3A is a STOL aircraft. Lift off is at 62 knots and V2, the one engine out safety speed of 73 knots at maximum gross weight, is soon reached. Flaps are raised by a hand pump to the pilot's right, necessitating a change of hands on the controls, and the Drover accelerates to an en route climb speed of 85 knots. The approach is carried out at 75 knots, reducing to 65 over the fence. Nine passenger seat positions are available.

Deliveries were made to Qantas, TAA, The Department of Health, the Department of Civil Aviation and a number of operators in New Guinea, Fiji and the islands. Best known operator was the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In Royal Flying Doctor Service the Drover carried two medical staff and two stretcher patients; all six aircraft were converted in 1960 to have Avco Lycoming O-360 engines under the revised designation Drover 3.


DHA-3 Drover 3 ZK-DDD




Engines: 3 x Gypsy Major 10 Mk.2, 145 hp.
Wing span: 57 ft 6 in.


Engines: 3 x Gypsy Major, 150 hp.
Wing span: 57 ft 6 in.

Engines: 3 x Lycoming O-360-A1A, 180 hp / 134kW
Prop: 2-blade.
Wing span: 57 ft (17.37m).
Length: 36 ft 6 in (12 m).
Height 3.28 metres
Wing area: 325 sq.ft (30.19 sq.m).
Gross weight: 6,500 lb (2948 kg).
Empty weight: 1860 kg / 4101 lb
Maximum speed 254 km/h
Max cruising speed: 140 mph (225 kph) at 5,000 ft (1,525 m).
Max range: 900 miles (1450 km)
Ceiling: 6095 m / 20000 ft
Crew: 1 / 2
Accommodation: 2 stretchers with 2 medical attendants
Passengers: 9
Freight: 1,500 lb (680 kg)



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