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Denny Aerocraft Co was the original Idaho source for the Denny Kitfox two-seat cabin homebuilt with good short-field characteristics, first flown 1984 and hugely successful. Manufactured under license in Australia, Brazil, Philippines, Portugal, and South Africa, and developed into improved variants. See Skystar Aircraft Corporation.

Denney Aerocraft produced the first Kitfox kit in November of 1984 in a small factory in Boise, Idaho.  The Kitfox was designed as a lightweight, two-place sport aircraft with excellent STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) performance and the ability to operate from short and unimproved airfields.  The Kitfox features folding wings and is easily trailered, allowing owners to share hangar space or keep their Kitfox's at home in a single car garage.  Six Model 1 Kitfox's were delivered that first year.  Since 1984, over 4,000 Kitfox kits have been delivered to builders throughout the United States, Canada, and over 42 foreign countries.  Under Dan Denney’s leadership, the Kitfox evolved from the original Model 1 to continually improved versions referred to as the Models 2, 3, 4, and Classic 4.

In June 1992, Phil Reed / SkyStar Aircraft Corporation purchased the rights to produce the Kitfox kit from Denney Aerocraft.  (1995: 100K N.Kings Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, USA.) SkyStar immediately began development of a completely new Kitfox, the Series 5.  This larger aircraft was designed to fit the needs of a growing segment of the marketplace that wanted a “Weekend Cruiser.”  These pilots wanted a recreational airplane that combined the best attributes of the Kitfox with greater useful loads, certified engines, increased cabin space, and larger cargo capacity.  The Series 5, which offered both a taildragger (the Outback/Safari) and a tri-gear (the Vixen/Voyager) configuration, answered these requests and became one of the most successful introductions in the history of the kit plane industry.
In January of 2000, an employee group acquired SkyStar Aircraft.  SkyStar announced the new Kitfox Series 6, an airplane that incorporated all of the best features of all versions of the Series 5.  The Series 5 evolved into the Series 6, and then the Series 7.
In October of 2005, Skystar encountered financial difficulties and ceased operations. In April of 2006, the assets of Skystar were acquired by Kitfox Aircraft LLC, a newly formed organization operated by John and Debra McBean. The McBean's own and operate Sportplane LLC, a Kitfox specialty supply firm they founded after John's departure from Skystar in 2003.

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