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Deperdussin, Societe Provisoire des Aeroplanes


Silk merchant Armand Deperdussin (1867-1924) established Societe Provisoire des Aeroplanes Deperdussin in 1910. Built precursor in 1909 for show in a Paris store. Built during 1912-1913 a series of very advanced monoplane racers with tulip-wood monocoque fuselages. In 1912 a "Dep" was the first aircraft to exceed 160km/h, and Prevost flew one to win the 1913 Schneider Trophy race at Monaco. By 1914 monoplanes bearing Deperdussin name were used not only privately but by several military authorities. Designed by Louis Bechereau, these aircraft were especially noted for speed performances in 1912-1913, and in some instances for monocoque construction.

Deperdussin, a great promoter, became involved in financial difficulties and in 1913 Deperdussin was arrested for embezzlement and the company was taken over by Louis Bleriot. In 1915 the company was declared bankrupt. The Deperdussin name had links with several companies, including the British Deperdussin Company with which John Porte was connected. Bleriot retained the same initials, but now stood for Societe Pour Aviation et ses Derivees (SPAD).

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