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DFS / Deutsche Forschungsinstitut Für Segelflug / German Research Institute for Gliding

Established as the Rhon-Rossiten-Gesellschaft at Wasserkuppe in 1925.
Became DFS on moving to Darmstadt in 1933 and undertook glider research. Designed and built the successful DFS 230 assault glider in the Second World War, and the DFS 228, an air-launched rocket aircraft used as a research vehicle for the DFS 346, a swept-wing reconnaissance project expected to reach 1,650mph (2,655kmh) at 66,000 ft (20,120 m). Also undertook development of Me 163 and Mistel composite bomber. Experimented with delta designs by Dr. Alexander Lippisch and evolved piloted V-1. In 1946 the DFS 346 project and its engineering design staff were taken by the Soviets to Podberczhye, where the project was said to have been completed.
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