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HOAC LF 2000 / LF2

Diamond DV20


HOAC DV.20 Katana

A primary flight trainer based on the HK36 motor glider, with shortened wings, the addition of flaps, and a tricycle landing gear. Production com-menced in Austria in 1993 with over 150 be-ing produced until 1995. Diamond’s Canada operations were established in June 1992 at London, Ontario, to develop, certify and manufacture a light all-composite, two-place training aircraft.
Diamond Aircraft Industries Canada division produced the HK 36 Super Dimona motorglider in four versions. Production of the DV 20 Katana two-seat lightplane stopped in Austria (first flown March 1991 as the HOAC LF 2000, becoming LF2 before DV 20), which evolved into the Diamond DA20 produced in Canada.

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