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Austria-based Diamond Aircraft announced a change in direction for its DA50 aircraft program, which Diamond introduced in 2017 with five-, six-, and seven-seat variants. Diamond says after spending 2018 re-evaluating all its ongoing projects, it decided to change the DA50’s “engine concept.” As such, Diamond was partnering with Continental Aerospace Technologies to equip the DA50 with Continental’s 300-horsepower CD-300 Jet-A1 engine. Initial ground tests of the DA50 with the new engine occurred 15 March 2019, and the first flight with the new engine happened March 22, marking the official start of the aircraft’s flight test program with the CD-300.
DA50 using a 300-horsepower Continental CD-300 Jet-A1 engine
Diamond Aircraft determined that the CD-300 engine aligned with Diamond’s jet fuel philosophy and that it is a suitable solution for the DA50. Certified in December 2017, the CD-300 is the third platform in Continental’s Jet-A fuelled piston engine line up.
In 2020 Diamond Aircraft offered the DA50 RG. The first production aircraft to be fitted with a CD-300 powerplant. The DA50 RG is powered by a 300hp turbocharged Continental CD-300 V6 diesel.
In the design phase, close attention was paid to drag reduction, and the aircraft features a retractable undercarriage.
Hinged, double slotted flaps provide high lift and excellent slow speed behaviour. The aeroplane has five seats, including a 60/40 folding back seat with a separate cargo bay hatch. Entry and exit are through big gull-wing doors.
The aircraft’s avionics include Garmin’s G1000 NXi flight deck with the GFC700 Automated Flight Control System.
Options include a removable right-hand control stick, oxygen system, electric air conditioning, TKS de-icing system, Garmin GCU 476 keypad and a built-in tablet mount.
The aircraft is currently undergoing type certification with EASA, with approval anticipated by late summer of 2020. FAA certification is expected by the end of 2021.

DA50 Magnum
Engine Austro Engine AE 300 2.0 l turbo-diesel,170 hp
Fuel Jet A1
Propeller MT 3-blade Constant Speed
Cruise speed 150+ kts
Fuel consumption 9 USgph max power
Fuel consumption 6-7 gph cruise
Certified altitude 18,000 ft
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 3,262 lbs
Seating 4
Cabin width 52 inches
Doors 3

DA50 SuperStar

Engine Teledyne Continental TSIOF-550J
Fuel AVGAS 100LL
Propeller 3 or 4 - blade constant speed
Cruise speed 200+ kts
Fuel consumption 16-20 gph at cruise
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 3,560 lbs
Seating 2 + 3
Cabin width 52 inches
Doors 3 + baggage door
Pressurization: Yes

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