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Douglas YB-11 / YO-44 / YOA-5



Powered by two Wright R-1820-45 Cyclones rated at 930hp, the YB-11 was to have a crew of five and carry three 7.62mm machine guns. One gun was located in the plexiglas nose turret, and one each in waist positions which were covered by sliding hatches when not in use. The forward part of the wing was of corrugated aluminum with fabric covering from the rear spar back. The fuselage was all metal and the landing gear retracted into depressed wells on the sides.

Before completion, the design was reclassified as an observation type and given the designation YO-44. However, the finished product was delivered with the Air Corps serial number 33-17 as the YOA-5 amphibian. It bore this identification throughout its life.

Max take-off weight: 9080 kg / 20018 lb
Wingspan: 27.36 m / 89 ft 9 in
Length: 21.26 m / 69 ft 9 in
Height: 6.71 m / 22 ft 0 in
Max. speed: 272 km/h / 169 mph



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