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Aeronca Aircraft Corp C-2 / PC-2 Scout


Jean Roche, an Air Service engineer at Dayton, Ohio saw a need for an affordable and reliable light aircraft. In 1924, 1n conjunction with John Dohse and Harold Morehouse he designed a small, basic single-seat monoplane powered by a two-cylinder Wright-Morehouse engine. This aircraft failed to attract much interest due to the popularity of the Curtiss Jenny at the time. Following the departure of Dohse and Morehouse to pursue alternative ventures, in 1929, Roche sold his design to the Aeronautical Corporation of America. Further design work was done on the aircraft and in 1930 the Aeronca C-2 was produced. During the 1929 stock market crash the C-2 proved very popular due to its simplicity, low purchase price and low running costs. Aeronca produced this but quickly developed it into the two-seat 36-hp C-3 that remained in production into 1936.


Cincinnati’s Aeronautical Corp. of America debuted the Aeronca C-2 at the Los Angeles Air Races of 1929 and officially introduced it in 1930. The single place C-2 (first (X3774) flying on 24 October 1929 piloted by Fred Fluck) was similar to the 1925 “Roche-Dohse” fliver plane, the PC-2 being a pontoon equipped model. The first production aircraft (X626N c/n 2) was the beginning of the 22-year Aeronca line.

Construction of the C-2 was conventional, utilizing a high-braced wing with two spruce spars and a welded steel-tube fuselage covered with fabric. Production totaled 167, including the C-2N Deluxe Scout version of 1931, which featured a 36-hp Aeronca powerplant. Two C-2N were built (NC13083 and NC13089) plus 1 converted from a C-1, and one from a C-2 (NC643W). The increased horsepower added about 20 mph to the C-2’s top speed and cruise speed but limited its range to 175 miles.




Three were PC-2 on wooden floats. Several were built as two seat models. The C-2 sold for US$1545 and the PC-2 Scout for US$1245 in 1931. The C-2N sold for US$1695.

C-2 / PC-2 Scout
Engine: Aeronca E-107, 26hp        
Wing span: 36 ft0 in
Length: 20 ft 0 in            
Gross weight: 700 lb
Empty weight: 426 lb                  
Payload: 274 lb
Max speed: 80 mph                
Cruise speed: 65 mph
Stall speed: 32 mph                
Range: 240 sm
Initial climb rate: 450 fpm             
Seats: 1

C-2N Deluxe Scout
Engine: Aeronca E-113, 36hp         
Payload: 274 lb
Max speed: 82 mph                 
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall speed: 32 mph                
Range: 300 sm



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